Discussion on Golden Logo

Discussion on Golden Logo

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very interesting work! good luck :)


Great work, very easy to use! Had a question about changing the gold to white/silver, elmake responded within two days with a Silver Logo! Thank you very much!

Thanks for feedback!

how do you edit? what program to use?

You have to use an After Effects. Out your logo and get result, if you need some help with this program send me the message on Thanks

Super! Nice work!


I need some help. I imported my logo. I used PSD and EPS, but it only shows up as a solid block. My logo is just some test I made in photoshop. What am I doing wrong?

I think problem is in logo format. It should have an alpha chanel (transparency). Maybe your logo has a background? Fix this and all will works. If don’t send me your logo on and i’ll fix this. Thanks

how do you make the background transparent at the end of the animation, so I can use a background image in html, or change the black end for another color?

There is a problem with transparent background. Logo has many shadows, flare’s and some other effects. Without black background they looks isn’t good. :(

Hi, do you know how I can change the final size of the logo at the end? I would like it a bit larger on the screen. I can’t find the scale keyframes. Thanks!

Hi, it’s very easy to do.

You have to manually edit final camera positions. Here is the screenshots:

Select the last two keyframes of camera position and increase Z-axis position to achieve your result.

Thank you!


Is it possible to change the logo colour from gold quite easily?

So applying a hue adjustment layer will not do the trick?

Yes, i can do in that way. But other colors doesn’t looks greate in this design except gold/silver. What cink of color do you need, i can try to do that and send a fix to you

Please confirm that you bought this project. You can send me a message on

I use After Effects CC 2017 version. I can’t render the video. It gives failed error in Media Encoder. I ve tried pc and mac. I couldn’t solve it. Can you help me?

Hello. Please send me your error message on I will help

Just purchase this one, how do I change the text to Legacy?

Hello! Use Logo placeholder composition for your text. Create text layer inside it, type, select font, size etc

Love it! But I want my logo to have different color in the end is that possible? The end shot = where the URL is added and logo is smaller.

Thanks! Do you need to reveal your logo’s original colors? Send me a message on

Hi, I like this project. I want to make the color silver, can I apply after I purchase it?

Hello! If you need a silver version send me a message on and i will send you it. I have one :)

excellent! ultra big sales to you!

It is mentionned that Trapcode particular is needed to get the full animation. Please refund me!

Hello! No, it works without plugin! Please send me any screens with problem on

it says : This project makes reference to a missing effect. You must install the following effect : “Particular”


I don’t understand. All particles here were created with “Particle world”. Standart for After Effect. Can you try send me a message on I see this problem in the first time!

I deleted Particular on my PC and still hasn’t any problem with this project

forget it, too late for my project, I’ve lost my money :(

Hi! Can i do something to see the logo texture?