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hello ,

i love this project file but cannot get my logo to work even after editing in AI.

AE error: TDL outline contains triangles that are too small to be rendered 88:3

the art work is very simple although

can you help possibly?

Hi, thanks for your purchase! Please send me your AI logo to cgdata at gmail dot com and I will try to save it correctly and send back to you!

This will not even render out what am I suppose to do my logo will not work either

Please contact me from my profile page. Thanks.

i am delighted to inform any potential buyers, the author of this file TELECAST has assisted me in getting my AI logo formatted correctly to work with this project. He also did it super quick and really friendly too! It came out better than i could have expected. Thank you & we wish you many sales in 2013 Farid (gave 5 star rating)

Thank you very much for your custom and valuable input! I’m really glad the project came along the way you expected it to be!

Hi! I bought this item but it cannot be opened as it requires CS6. I didnt really see the version when i bought it. I am using CS 5.5. Can you help? Thanks!

ok… thank u!!

Cheers, if you experience any problems, (like things becoming superslow) let me know.

Hi! I can’t download CS6, can I pay u a little more to help me render it out? I just need to add in a text as the logo…cheers!

Hey there,

I just did the same thing, purchased it and I only have CS 5…is there a way you can help? Save it down for those of us who have purchased it?

thank you so much ;)



Hi thanks for your purchase, sorry to hear that. Ray-tracing is supported only in CS6, and unfortunately there’s no way to down save it. However you can install trial version of CS6 from Adobe website and render the project without any problems whatsoever. I hope this helps somehow.

ok, I will give it a try, and thanks so much for getting back so quickly, take care.

Cheers, if you experience any problems, (like things becoming superslow) let me know.

’s Too time-consuming rendering Nice work.

Thanks for purchasing. Any problems please let me know.

Would this work in Adobe CC?

I don’t have CC version but should be working without any problems. You just need to have a decent graphic card which supports ray-tracing in order to work fast with the project. Thanks.

HI ! Please help. How get my logo to work? With text layer everything is ok, but with logo file (vector, png …) 3D not works. Thank you so much

Hi, Please contact me via contact page, I’ll try to help. Thanks.

Awesome work. I wish you great sales! ;)


Very very interested in this, but my logo is grey/silver – is the gold effect optional…or can it be changed to silver?

Also – my logo is a 2d .ai format vector – could you confirm if it’d work?


HI. Sorry been away, hence late reply. Yes, no problems with grey color. .ai is also fine unless it has gradients. If you have any problems let me know via contact page. Cheers!


Great animation, absolutely love it! My only problem is, the animation is a little too quick for the track I want to use it with. I tried rendering out and then slowing it down in Premiere but this kills the smooth motion of the animation.

I wondered if you had any great ideas on how I may slow the animation slightly just to fill out a few more seconds with this animation. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Thanks again :-)

Hi, thanks for your purchase. You can pre-comp final composition into new composition and time remap it in there as you wish. It should be retimed smoothly. please send me an email from contact page if you have problems doing above described. thanks.

I got your project but it took ages to completely finish rendering !!! I didn’t expect that much time comparing to other authors. Your project is very slow even on Third Res.

It’s NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M with 4GB of video memory which is answering your comment about GPU. iMac desktops always have great Graphic Cards if it’s not before then now.

And I didn’t give any bad comment about all your projects or you personally as an author. I mentioned in my comment about your project when rated it as the rendering was slow.

Plus, I did read your description and your video tutorial, and I don’t like when I purchase a project, I send my logo to an author..for example I want to use the project more than 1 time do I have to send it to you every time I want to ??? of course not !

Look at the comments some complaining and you offer them sending their logos to you !

Have you unlocked your CUDA in AE ? http://goo.gl/xdQv4d

good work,good luck with sales