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Great Work !!!

Looks very good!

Just superb! Very elegant style. Impressive!

thank you

Beautiful project!

fantastic work, very cool ! all the best for your sales ;)

thanks i wish you too ;)

Amazing work!!!!!


Great work very impressed, having difficulty using it though, do i need an app to open this file so I can add my pictures?

Hi I’ve tried adding my pictures after reading instructions with no luck. Can you please help me to do this.

can you describe the problem you have please ?

I just don’t know how to add pictures to the frames?

Is it 25 fps or 29.96 fps?

it is 25

The given link for the font says it is paid base 38$. Is it correct?

I watch a lot of work and I liked your work. I sincerely wish good sales. good luck

Thank you very much i wish it for you too