Golden Awards Show

Golden Awards Show

“Golden Awards” is a broadcast package and it includes all the graphics you need to create an outstanding look for your award related videos, special events slideshows, wedding story, fashion or ceremony opening shows. All the particles are prerendered. The footages are not included

    The Package includes:

  • Opening
  • 6 Lower Thirds
  • Nominees list
  • 4 Bumper Animations
  • Video Frame
  • 3 Transitions
  • Splitscreen (3 Screens)
  • Slideshow (1min long)
  • Detailed Video Tutorial Included
  • Credits and more
The music in the preview is NOT included. But if you like it, you can purchase it from here. If you need help customizing this or some others projects from my portfolio please contact me through my profile page.


Golden Awards Show - 1
Golden Awards Show - 2
Golden Awards Show - 3
Golden Awards Show - 4
Golden Awards Show - 5
Golden Awards Show - 6
Golden Awards Show - 7
Golden Awards Show - 8

stock footage by KinoMaster.

The project is perfect for trailers, nominations, teasers, film festivals, TV, movie & music awards ceremonies, business awards and fashion show. Golden glitter and particles will enhance the look of your production.