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Hi, I bought the template. How much to customise it with new custom point lines and render the c4

Hi osunoo, i have a question, how add world texture to the map plz? Tks u.

Very nice work!


We are interested, but is it also possible to change the plane into a ship, truck or train?

Hi Osunoo

Great and amazing work, i have one question if you never mind, how to edit the camera path? in the fist the camera goes to USA i want it to go Emirates.

Thank you

hi, thanks for buying my project, how about your ability of using C4D, there are several cameras in this project, “Stage”controls the scene cutting, maybe you need turn it off, and create a new camera, set keyframe, make it goes from Emirates.

Thanks OSunoo, I send you email kindly check

Hi can you tell me where to edit this video… I thought it would upload to my windows movie maker. do i have to buy a video editor. What is the standard video maker that everyone or you is using. Please do a speedy reply

I’m still waiting for a response regarding this video

Hi, i am just back to my office after Spring Festival holidays. You need Cinema4D and After effects as this item details. if you need my customization, you need a payment, thank you!