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good luck with sales

Does the effect work with image logos or just text?

Unfortunately the file format for the Premier does not support the use of images for replacement. But you can use the same project from me, but for After Effects for your for your task –

When I open it is only sound fx not the text maker?

This is impossible. Contact me via email.

Got this message when importing the file in Premiere. “This motion Graphic template was created in After Effects. To use this template in premier pro , please install After Effects and retry.”

I already have After Effects, and its not saying something about this in the information. How to fix?

Hello, try to update both programs to the latest versions.

Hi, how I can change font?

Send me message via email, please.

in love with the concept but havent been able to use it once becauseit takes litteraly forever to render that thing on Premiere Pro CC 2018 12.1 . im running GTX 1080TI on a I7 Kably Lake with 32 GB of ram. any ideas ?

Hello, thank you for your feedback. I tried to make the project as fast as possible, and on my even older hardware everything works fine.

thank you for your fast reply. i wish i knew what i am doing wrong then.. i imported it in the right folder, in premiere pro, it shows in essetial graphics , i drag it on the timelapse, i change values , try to render aaand forever. i am doing something wrong if it’s not you as you mention..could it be AE related in my case?? sorry to bother you, it’s just that i really like your project and i want to use it. i know you will reply this, whatever comes from you, i won’t bother you further. i just, wish i knew what’s wrong about me using it.

Hi, I am having issues with this working too after purchase and I followed all of the instructions. Please can someone contact me or provide a contact email? I have a workstation that is 4 x the spec of KobenSmiths (user above) and am surprised by the rendering time and even the playback limitations to check the edit before rendering.

Please write me on email via my profile.

Hi, Can you show how to change the font please?

Hi! Right now Premiere Pro not support that. But you can use this tip:

Thanks.Kind of round about… but it works. I hear Adobe is going to fix this oversight in the next update. Crossing fingers….

Hi, can you tell me how I change the font

Are you going to make an update so that we can change the font in Premier now? If I want to use 2 different fonts in two lines in a Premier Pro project, I don’t see how to do it.

My after effects and Premiere Pro are up to date but im getting an error when trying to import. Please help