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5 star

Very nice work! Wish you many sales!!!

Hi i´d like to know if this presets work withe the german version of After effects CS6. Thanks.

Hi, What are the differences in german version? What language standard AE presets? I think it will work, but check online or there are differences in AE presets for german version. Thanks

Hi. I am asking because i had trouble with some SCRIPTS for AE from aescripts. But i haven´t found anything about presets. Before i buy it is there a possibility to test the preset? If not how is the support after buying. Thanks a lot.

Mail me. I will send one preset and instruction for test. Click on my logo, and go to my profile page (you can write mail on the bottom of the page ). Thanks

Like it a lot !

However excuse my ignorance before i buy…. but are these comps or actual drag and drop fx from the Effects & Presets panel?

I think I just answered my own question as saw the FFX image in the preview pic!

Going to purchase now ;)

Yes this it drag and drop fx from the Effects & Presets panel. Thanks

why i can’t make it work in sony vegas pro?

why i can’t make it work in sony vegas pro?

it presets for After Effects.

can these presets work in premiere pro

No, it presets for After Effects only!

Hi. The sound FX you linked to have been taken down. :( Do you know of another good Sound Effects pack for this? I am looking but thought I would ask. Thanks.

wow, there are a ton of packs available. I’ve been listening for 2 hours, haha. No worries. I will find what i like.

Beautiful work!

I apologize for my ignorance. Can I scale the font bigger for 3k or 4k video?

If you text on vector format, you are not limited in size. I’m hope I understood your question correctly.