Discussion on Glitch Energy Logo

Discussion on Glitch Energy Logo

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The template is using Alpha Ramp which is no longer supported in AECC 2020. It constantly show the error. What can I do to avoid this prompt???

Hi ) I opened this project on cc 2014 and yes, this error occurs, but in my opinion it does not affect the appearance of the project. Do you have strong changes when opening a project? as a last resort, you can send your logo to me by mail and I will insert it myself and send you a FULLhd video. tomorrow. now I have 02:00 am)

I just purchased this effect and I am getting the same error that everyone else is getting about the “Alpha Ramp” plugin. I downloaded the “Saber” plugin and then I rendered the effect with a replacement logo and it renders the effect with the envato logo and then shows the logo I replaced at the end. I see that you offer replace the logo if we send it to you, but I am wanting to continually use this effect with other logos as well. I wouldn’t want to keep having to send you logos. Is there a fix for this? If not, I would need to come up with a different solution. Thanks for your help.

hello! as far as I could understand this effect (alpha ramp) does not affect to the saber effect. this effect is not available in cc versions. But the saber effect works. Most likely the Saber effect does not work correctly, because you need to change the mask of the composition. Watch the video tutorial in the archive ( Tutorial.mp4).It shows how to do it.

Hello Timur. I just purchased this effect and I am also getting the message to install Alpha Ramp. Then something pops up about 3 files are missing since you last saved this project. Very strange. I downloaded the SABER plugin too.

i was send you e-mail

Yup, got it :-)

My AE CC 2019 it states that the Alpha Ramp is missing as well. Upon further inspection, Alpha Ramp is a PC only plugin? Is there any way to fix on Mac?

I’m not quite sure, but often this error occurs when SABER pluging is not installed. but this may be a coincidence. Do you install SABER plugin? as a last resort – send me your logo on the mail – I will insert it into the project myself and send you FullHd video

Saber is installed and working fine. Only error is that “Alpha Ramp is missing”. From my research, “Alpha Ramp” (a fairly old plugin) is not available for Mac users:

i see…apparently since 2008 no one has solved this problem. strange. so, if you want – send me your logo and i will insert logo myself.

Alpha Ramp , i checked in aftereffects cc 2018 , i also do not have that effect where i can find it ? can you help ?

Hi! Hm…strange. can you send me screenshot on my e-mail? maybe we will solve that problem

Cool project! Good luck for you sales! :)

thanks )

Great plugin! One question though, the ‘Alpha Ramp’ fx is a bit hard to find..?

Hi ) please, send me e-mail ( maybe with screenshot with error) and i will try to help you

hi again ) did you solve your problem?

Hi, I’ve just I’ve installed the “Saber plugin” but I am still getting this error message. This project contains 2 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these references. “Alpha Ramp” “Saber”. Im using Adobe CC 2017.

hi ) i send you e-mail

Hello I am also missing the Alpha Ramp effect in Adobe CC2018. Is there another effe t to add instead? Also, where is the recommended audio file?

Hello ) thanks for purchasing ) please, write me on e-mail. And send me your logo.I do not quite understand the problem. so maybe the best thing is I’ll put your logo in the project and I’ll send you a FullHD video. link to the recommended audio in the project description on the site. please buy it and send me, if you want me to insert it myself. or then insert yourself when I send you a video

Hello I’ve installed the “Saber plugin” but I am still getting this error message. This project contains 2 references to missing effects. Please install the following effects to restore these references. (“Alpha Ramp”)

I have added my logo in the logo placeholder and removed the Envato Logo but it still appears in the beginning of the animation and my logo only appears at the end. I’m using Adobe After Effects CS6

Hi ) please write me on email and a will try to help you. most likely i put your logo myself and send video to you. if you send me your logo )

What’s your e-mail address?

you can see it on my profile here, on Videohive )

in CC 2017 it states that the Alpha Ramp is missing, do you have a work around for this. when I render in Media Encoder it does not have the electric effect (assuming the missing Alpha Ramp is the issue), thanks

I don’t quite fully understand what the problem is. But I thought – maybe you can send me your logo on e-mail and I’ll add it myself and send you the finished video in Full HD? but I can do it tomorrow, because now I have a 3am and I go to sleep :)

I think I got it, it appears it has to be rendered in AE because of the plugin, I’m just so use to rendering in Media Encoder. thanks for the quick response though.

hm…ok ) good luck with your project )

Do I need Element 3D v2 to runs this? It says that it uses it it the description.

Hello ) No, you don’t need the plugin. Element 3d was used only for render background. then the background was converted to MOV. here’s a story )

Feel free to download this project and good luck to you in your work )

Can I change the color of backround or use alpha channel???


Hi ) in this project you can’t change the color of backround with standart control tools of this project. But you can create manualy Adjusment Layer with Color Effect and set him on Prerendered Background in “Hide” Layers.if you have any questions write me a mail. I will help you

beautiful work! I like it)

i like too ) thanks )


hi ) Please write me on my email. actualy for this project you need ONLY SABER plugin. if you have not already downloaded this plugin please click on the link in the description and download. it’s free

i cannot get this to work.. I have installed the plugins however it still says they are missing. Can you please assist?

Hi ) write me on my e-mail please and send screenshot

did you solve your problem? I have not received the letter from you. please email me if you have not solved the problem. maybe i can help

thank you very much )

thanks, man )

Nice Glitch Energy Logo!

thank you,miko :)


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