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Great Work..lexel!!

Thank You!

Friend, I wish you constant inspiration and more sales! :)

Thank you, of course. However, you write to everyone in a row the same comments. It’s not sincere.

Your product looks very nice, my question is, how do I use these in premiere?

Hi! This project uses the following method: 1) You choose the transition and place it above the cut 2) Cut off pieces of your shots and insert them into special sequences Done! It’s easy! 100% Premiere Pro. And a detailed tutorial is included.

How can you duplicate the same transition and use it over and over in the same timeline? Because you’ve “NESTED” stuff, I can only use each transition a single time

Thank you for purchasing my product! Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to duplicate such transitions. That’s why in this pack of 100 pieces.

Hi Lexel, I purchased your Glass Transitions. How do I eliminate the hesitation in the transition so that it’s a smooth transition. Is there a time remapping somewhere? Thanks

Are there some transitions in with no hesitation?

Hi Lexel, I purchased Glass Transitions and I get a “Missing media for these clips” error when importing into Premiere Pro. The missing clips list is for all the MOV files. Please assist?

Is there any chance this transitions works in PP CS6?