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Nice lower third

Thank You….

I may be stupid…but I thought this was supposed to come with an alpha channel (separate file) How am I supposed to use this without the alpha channel file? Please help!

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Same issue as above.

No alpha channel. How do a use this in FCP ?

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So does the file have alpha channel now…? I just bought it…

Alpha Channel Yes.. Follow This Link

I want to purchase the multicolor pack for Apple’s Motion, but I seem to find different versions of this.

As an example, I see versions where the far left side is graduated to a fade as seen here:

Then there is this one:

So I’m a bit confused. I like the one where the left side is graduated to a fade out.

I just purchased this item. Question, does it come in pre-rendered? If so, I didn’t get it

Just purchased cannot download per message:

....could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Try again later, or contact the server administrator

Attempted to download twice, please advise.

Sorry,,, Please Re Download Project File….

How do I ad in the texts?

Add Text in your video Editing Software…

I followed link to youtube video but still can’t output without black background. Can you help me?

Thank you very much!!

Where is Quick Time PNG +Alpha as advertised? There are 2 mov. file. That it! Clarify.

This .mov File Compression Type PNG with Alpha Channels

Ummmm…. all I got was a blue and orange file that dont open…where is the ae file?

can the color be change and also can we use this on sony vegas platform