Gift Box Open

Gift Box Open

Gift Box Open:


      The animation begins by framing a bunch of gifts standing barefoot camera is located a short distance from the pile of gifts Initially the camera slowly begins to get closer to a pile of presents when it comes to a certain closeness of the pile pops up a gift and fell right in front of the camera then the lid is opened and stood beside the gift and the camera enters the box and leaving the alpha cannel empty space where you can put your logo ilki video image.


    • Full HD 30fps
    • Alpha Channel
    • Quicktime JPEG2000 1920×1080
    • No 3rd-Party Plugins Needed!

    -Zip folder contains:

  1. Gift Box

-Prewiew Image:

 photo CoverGBO_zps7dd70a4f.jpg  photo PLEASERATE2_zps9d873862.png

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