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great project

You are absolutely a pro at particular !! ..... good luck brother :)

Agreed ! Once Again , Great Particle Design !

Cool particle animation!

Beautiful dude :)

Great project, but the render times are kind of ridiculous. A benchmark would have been handy. On a mac pro 12c/24t 36gigs Ram the output times are in the realm of 5/6 hours. On a PC workbay that I tried to substitute it 6c/12t 3.2ghz 32gig ram, dual 780gtx, the output time was 11 hours. This is for the 1080p output.

Do you have any suggestions to shave off time? I’m having issues managing this output time, and I don’t really have time to go through your project to figure out what is pulling all the resources.

Hello! I’ve been trying to figure it out myself, and up until now, the only solution i’ve found is to disable time remapping. The problem with that is that the project loses some of it’s appeal.

Ok. I’ll try to render it then apply remapping after its been rendered - might help.

Grat look but, the render time is making this template useless. You should tell in description that “longer render time” means around 10 hours!!!

For future, try to keep things more user friendly, this is secnod template I bought from you, previous has 4,5 hours rendering… I’ve risked it second time and here it is. :(

Hello, sorry you feel that way, as much as I would love to make quick to render projects all the time, ultimately the end result is what matters. My goal is to make high quality and aesthetically pleasing projects, so pushing the software to its limits is an acceptable trade-off.

Hello, I´m not sure about this Trapcode Particular. Are you talking about the Red Giant software? It cost 400$

Hello, I bought this file, but I the flare.mov file is broken. Can you send it to me again please?

I already have Quicktime and it still doesnt work. Please can you send me your email address? I need to get this sorted ASAP


Hi there I purchased the logo sting yesterday and am looking forward to rendering it out, but am having trouble with the particular, sorry i don’t know much about AE. I think I need to add the particles or something like that. Can you help me?

hello! send me an email and I’ll help you out :)

I need help, please email me sabovic96@hotmail.com

Email sent!

Everything with this is great except 11 hour rendering :<

Let me know if you need any help with that!

Why you didn’t write in description that it’s rendering time is 11 hour?

Hello, there is a warning message in the description about longer render times. Due to the fact that the particle generation is procedural, different logos require different amounts of time, also it varies based on the system you have. Let me know via email if you need any further help!

Hello, I purchased the file, and I was unaware that plugins were required. I have CS5.5 and I am unable to locate TRAPCODE PARTICULAR for my version of Adobe After Effects. The current version on the Red Giant website is only compatible with CS6+ so it won’t work for CS5.5. Can you please help me out? I will send you an email.

Aside from that, awesome effect. Probably the coolest one I have seen so far. Great work and thank you in advance.

I have installed the Particular plug in and I am now receiving errors when rendering. I get a “effect cannot change non-dynamic flag bits”, and “Particular cannot work on a time-reversed layer” Please advise. Thanks!

Hey, I’ve dropped you a mail! Should be fairly straightforward to fix. :)

Thanks for the lightning fast response! It must have been an issue with my CPU because I set it up on a different on without issue. It’s working great.

I was able to get a free trial for the needed plug-in and my render time is fast @40 mins.

Could you tell me how to change the color to blue, like your example?