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Support for Get Social

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Can I add more than 3 icons?

Yes! Version 2.0 includes pre-made comps allowing for 3, 4, and 5 icons in each.

Why is the text changing back when I try to edit it?

Expressions in the project link text from the *Text Settings comp for easy editing. This allows you to edit all the important text fields without having to search through the animation for the right text layers. If you try to edit those text layers directly, the text will revert to what is in the Settings comp when you finish typing. The specifics are outlined in the documentation.

What icons are included?

Social Media icons are included to help you promote your content or help visitors get in touch with you. The list includes:

AIM Behance Blogger Delicious Deviantart Digg Dribble Etsy Facebook Flickr Google+ Instagram iTunes Linkedin Meetup Myspace Pinterest Podcast Reddit Soundcloud Stumbleupon Tumblr Twitter Vimeo YouTube Generic Icons (Add This, Email, Retweet, RSS, Share This, Star, etc.)

What happened to all the icons included in the old version?

Envato updated its copyright policy since the original project was published that prohibits copyrighted material from being included in projects with the exception of social media networks. In order to update the project to Version 2.0, icons that did not meet this requirement were removed.

Can I get more icons?

Sure! Many more icons that couldn’t be included here are available at IconDock. The icons used in this project were used by permission from IconDock.

Why is the audio silent?

The audio included with your file is a silent file designed to be a placeholder for the paid audio version. If you replace that file with the paid version, the audio edits in the project should match up perfectly.

What font are you using?

Rockwell. It’s included on most computers. In case it’s not, you may be able to find it for free online, but the legitimacy of some download sites can’t be verified. I

If you have trouble finding it, send me a message.

I’m getting the error: “After Effects: this project must be converted from version 8.0 (Macintosh Intel) and will open as an untitled project. “

This isn’t an error. It’s just a notification that the project was made in a lower version of After Effects than you have. That allows users with older versions to use these projects. Since you have a new version than CS3, After Effects is upgrading the project to your version. You will have to save your project as a new file.

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