George - Character Animation DIY Kit

George - Character Animation DIY Kit

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Update 16.03.2020
In relation to the COVID-19 coronavirus there were a few requests about medical accessories:

  • 3 new accessories included:
    medical mask, new version of a medical cap, medical gloves that can be used separately or in combination with other accessories. For example a medical mask with a hairstyle and a safety vest.
Update 11.03.2020
  • 4 new accessories included:
    suspenders, safety vest (aka. yellow vest, hi viz vest), kippah, turban
  • 3 new animations included:
    working on a computer (with 2 loops), turn back/front, walk (back facing camera) with a loop

Create catchy explainer videos with this unique, modular animation kit!

  • For After Effects CS4 and newer.
  • Works for 1080p and 720p projects. (the animations are in 1500×1500)
  • No plug-ins required.
  • Easily change the colors of the 3D character’s skin, hair, t-shirt, pants, shoes and the shadow opacity in all animations together with custom controls.
  • All animations can be combined with each other.
  • The accessories work smoothly with all animations.
  • It’s possible to use a few accessories simultaneously. (e.g. a cylinder hat with glasses and a tie.)
  • All colors of the accessories can be changed. (e.g. change the police hat body, eye-shade and shiny element separately)
  • On the badge and sign you can add your logo, text or image.
  • Full control over the idle time. (e.g. control how long the character stays with his hands crossed or how long a text is presented on the board)
  • Unlimited number of placeholders in the animations where the character is showing content on the board and catching texts. You can add texts and images inside the placeholders (videos are not supported).
  • Speech bubble and thinking bubble animations are included.
  • Video tutorials and example scenes included.
  • PDF Documentation included.
  • The font used in the preview is free. There is a download link in the documentation.
  • You can get the music used in the preview HERE. “Upbeat Fun” by soundengine.
The accessories extend the possible applications of the the animation pack and it can be used for presentations in niches such as medical, pharmacy, food, restaurants, security, construction, education, fire safety, business services, farming, religion, IT, etc.

List of all animations

agree/OK, angry, appear(cartoon style), appear from top, blink, board present, catch text, cross hands, drag something left/right, happy, hello, jump left/right, look up and down, look top left and top right, look middle left/right, point left with right hand, point right with left hand, point bottom left and bottom right, point middle left/right, point up and down, point top left and top right, point left/right three times, look left/right -> disappointed, look left/right -> surprised, look right -> angry, phone talk, present left/right, relax, sad, scratch head left/right -> thinking, scratch head -> confused, think/idea, thumb up, tired/bored, walk left/right, talk loops short/long, idle animation, don’t know, phone swipe, applause, scared, step left, step right, presentation click, walk front, lip-sync

List of all accessories

hairstyle 1, hairstyle 2, hairstyle 3, badge, sign, devil horns, bow tie, builder hat, cook hat, cowboy hat, cylinder hat, doctor hat, fireman hat, farmer hat, glasses, graduation hat, halo, mustache, mustache 2, beard 1, beard 2, pilot hat, police hat, tie, Christmas hat, cap

If you are just starting with After Effects I recommend taking a look at Victor Promotes, Bobby Promotes and Bobby Promotes 2. These three projects are very easy to customize and require basic AE skills like importing image, adding text to a composition and rendering a project.

George takes part in another project – App Promo with 3D Character. It’s well known that cartoon characters have a considerable effect on brand awareness and marketers use them as a vital promotional tool. The “George” projects are aiming to help you promote your company, products, services in an unique, entertaining way.


Update 3:
  • 4 new accessories included:
    suspenders, safety vest (aka. yellow vest, hi viz vest), kippah, turban
  • 3 new animations included:
    working on a computer (with 2 loops), turn back/front, walk (back facing camera) with a loop
Update 2:
  • 5 new accessories included:
    beard 1, beard 2, moustache 2, hairstyle 3, cap

  • 10 new animations included:
    talk loops (short, long), idle animation (loopable), don’t know, phone swipe (loopable), applause (loopable), scared, step left, step right, presentation click (loopable), walk front (loopable)
    To see only the new animations please skip to 2:15

  • Lip-sync capability
    10 different mouth poses. One loopable hand gesture animation for lip-sync.

Update 1:
  • A Christmas hat is now included in the accessories.


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