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Very cool stuff Stavros :-)

Thxxx a lot Frotzbyte!

Awesome stuff man. Beautiful composition!

Nice to see you here Inlife! Thank you Man!

+ + + + + 1000x like! :) So cool and fresh idea! Awesome! Love it! Wish you best of sales, my dear friend!

Jo & Ada, your comments are always so generous! Really, I can’t thank you enough! :)

Nice idea and unusual project. Good work, Steve!

Thank you for your comment and your music track Aleksander! :)

Great work steve !

Great work steve !

Thx a lot IdeasTools!

Nice Job Steve!

Big thanks Max!

very good. Listen to my new corporate track: YOU BURNING STAR .


Great project…but I need to extend it about 10 more seconds and move a few plant elements to different points on the timeline….is this possible? Thanks!

Thank you for your purchase!
Yes! There are two ways to adjust the project.
1. All elements are named and are in separate pre-compositions in the main composition. So you can slide them in timeline or even hide them if not needed. Camera is controlled by a null object with only a few keyframes, easy to adjust.
2. Second way is to take the final composition, drop it in a new one and just use the stretch or duration column to adjust new composition’s extention.
If you need more help I can do quick video tutorial for you. Just contact me through contact form in my profile page: http://videohive.net/user/steve314
Cheers! Steve

awesome! thanks!

is it 720 or 1080?

ok, i’ve noticed it’s 1080… great job mate!

Yes it’s 1080, so you can stretch it down to lower resolutins (through the Output Module Settings panel) without any quality loss! Thank you for your interest!


looks very good!

You mentioned a tutorial for changing the time… I am in the need of running it slower… how can I do this?

regards, Cledi

Hey & thanks for your purchase! Yes it’s easy to change timing. Check this tut and apply to your final comp. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq20vry_ht0
Let me know if you’ll need more help! Cheers, Steve


regards, Cledi

I’m sorry, no, this is FullHD 1920?1080 project! Thank you for your interest :)

If i change the resolution to 4k will work? changing the elements to another with more resolution… will work?

No, all assets including all compositions & placeholders are set to FullHD. I would not suggest you to purchase the project if you need 4k output. ;) Best regards Steve

Hello ! Beautiful composition! But how to add an element without affecting others

Hello, adding more elements is not easy, you need advanced After Effects skills.
Quick TIP: You can use the space of one placeholder and add two images in it. Scale them to fit side by side, so you can present more products… You can contact me through my profile page for more help or clarifications if needed: https://videohive.net/user/steve314 Cheers!

How much would it cost to have a custom video?

Hello, I am sorry I do not have time for freelance works at this time Maybe you should ask for the help of a local freelancer. Best Regards, Steve

Is there any chance you have a version of this for Apple Motion 5? I’ve been using it in AE, but I’m switching from Adobe to FCPX/Motion but still need to be able to customize this template for a client.


Hey! I am sorry no, this is only AE compatible. I have no Apple motion skills at all…Sorry for thIs. I am here foe any support or help needed in After Efffects. Cheers! :)

Dang I already purchased this and just now found out that it doesn’t work with Apple. How do I get my money back?

Hello! I am sorry for your inconvinience, but this is your mistake. You purchased from the “After Effects” category. You should search within “Apple Motion” category. Also each file (this one included) has the compatible software and version info at the right, under the price.
No problem, you can ask Envato’s support (the help link at the bottom of videohive’s page) for a refund. I wiil also send them a request to refund you (and remove your 1 star rating).
Be carerfull next time to shop from the right category. No problem! :)
Best regards, Steve