Futuristic Logo Opener

Futuristic Logo Opener

“FUTURISTIC LOGO OPENER” is a 3D stylistic, futuristic, unique opener and will be very usefull your presentations,openers,photo/video displays,special events, resumes or demo reels,business purposes.It is very very simple and simply customizable.Just drag & drop your media and logo, hit render You can change the media with very simple steps,can play with it’s colors and use it to your own corporate or bussiness or personal, broadcast, tv show etc. purposes.

“FUTURISTIC LOGO OPENER” is very usefull for any kind of stylistic, minimal, technologic, news, tv show, clean, lovely, 3d, animation, parallax, musical, inspired, style, travel, video display, photo display, image display, corporate, commercial, business, elegance, fashion, automotive, holiday, vacation, wedding, video album, ceremony, fun, video shows, simple, abstractü, surreal,mechanical,machine,cyber,special event, birthday, night party, presentation display, intro, teaser, inspirational,movie,anniversary video, purposes.

For any kind of intro or opener of Demo Reel, production reel, promo inspired, inspirational, sport promo, motivational, business opener, corporate presentation,technologic, quick, modern, minimal titles, beautiful camera, tech, wrap, 3d, projection, technology, story, style. Also you can use it for design your own TV show or TV channel brand, broadcast package, awards, ceremony,Hollywood, magazine, app promo, mobile, store, logo display, channel,tv show,brand,branding,personal bussiness shop, clothes media display,purposes

  • Minimal,unique and futuristic design
  • Full HD (1920×1080) and 30 fps
  • Photorealistic 3d renders
  • Track data included so you can add text or media elements in scenes
  • Help file included
  • No plugin needed
  • Clean composition layout
  • CS5 and above compability
  • Short render time
  • 0:16:15 seconds long
  • Compatible project files are included
  • 10 media placeholders
  • 1 Logo placeholder

That beautiful music which is included in this project for representation is not included in main project and can be found here:


videos which are used for preview purposes are free stock videos and they are not included in package