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Amazing job!!! Looks very stylish!!!

cool style! awesome work

rich in details! well done!

Really great animation! Very well done!

Awesome work !!

Good One Friend !!!

so many dinamic elements. cool project)

Fantastic animation buddy!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!! ;)

Looks great! Cool!

Cool work!!!

Good work Gimho !

Very nice work!

One of the best work i’ve ever seen!! Great work

so much power in this !

very good job ! wish you happy sales ! .....

hey, when i open the 55 second version file, named “funky retro 55 sec”, i get an error that says this ” After Effects Warning: 6 files are missing since you last saved this project.” This is the first time im opening this file and just unzipped the downloaded file from videohive. The file looks like its missing some of the shapes used in the project. How can i fix this?

please check your email

Wilbuck-Great Work! Keep more coming!!!.I am only missing (4) files: Paper texture.jpg, Place video Here Blue. jpg, Place video Here Green. jpg, Place video Here Red. jpg., in the 55-second version. Can they be replaced?

All of them are inside the “FOOTAGES” folder. If its showing missing rightclick over the missing one and replace it with the same name inside “FOOTAGES: folder.

Please watch the tutorial for customization.