Discussion on Fruits Are Splashing On A Desk With Water 2

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Nice work…..Is this CG or real shoot….?

Thanks, it is all “old fashioned” that means, we are working with real water, real smoke etc.

really nice collection

Thank you! I also like your water animations very much as they look pretty realistic.

Beautiful shot.Congrats.

Great clip! Good luck with sales!

Beautiful! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you !

It`s realy cool work, as all from your collection :) Wish you many sales!

Thank you very much. I hope to get more sales in the future… but I have the feeling it is not that easy…

Cool concept and nice execution!

Perfect waterdrops here, it’s so inspirational) Why no sound here?

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Great job wish u get many sales

Thank you very much!

really good job!

Thats very nice work! Good work!

really beautiful stuff!