Frost Logo

Frost Logo

Frost Logo is a 100% AE Template,that only requires trapcode particular, for the end animation.The project is very easy to operate. Drag and drop the logo/title or an image in the required holders and you are done.You can use the expression controls for fast customization,especially the controls that gives you the option to change the way the ice starts and ends in the project.You also get the metallic look,which you can use to create some titles or logo animations.

Frost Logo - 1

Frost Logo - 2

Frost Logo - 3

  • 3 Project Versions (2 logos, 1 text) Included
  • Trapcode Particular Required
  • 4K Resolution
  • AE Template CS 5+ Compatible
  • Easy Customization
  • 29.97 fps Quicktime h.264
  • PDF Tutorial included
  • Music by Dark_Forest_Corporation urbazon EdRecords

    Frost Logo Features:

Frost Logo Options:

  • Everything is editable (Change the textures of the elements,to get new designs…)
  • Freeze anything you want!
  • Position/Animate the camera and create your own scene!

    Frost Logo - 4