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Its realy cool!

Oooh, hello! I was inspired by your item))

You will not believe it, I thought so. But nevertheless, I am glad that my projects are inspiring. Good luck for you with sales. :grin:

Very nice work!

Nice work!!!

Looks great!!!Well done! :)

thank you man) Also I’ve checked your items and they are very cool!

Are all the flashy transitions that are synced to the music included?

Note that audio I used starts not from beginning so you should move an audio a little bit to the left on the timeline

Thanks for the fast reply. So the quick “flashes” transitions that match up with the music/beat they will still work if I drop in my own video clips?

yes, but after you download used music and import it to the project you should move it a liitle bit to the left on the timeline because I used it not from the beginning

nice animation! Best wishes! ;)

hoho! Thank you)

very nice work on this , congratulations i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales