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Amazing! I love it!

Will there be any ad of videohive on this template if its free. I have not used Aftereffects and just installed it; please let me know :P I want to use it for my presentation!

No ads at all, no worries :)

I have a missing effect (“CC Page Turn”). Any suggestions? BTW: thanks for the giveaway.

This effect is only missing in trial version. Please get a full (genuine) version of After Effects or a trial of CS6 or CC (in CS6/CC trial this effect is included)

Thanks, you’re correct. I was able to correct by getting full version.

No problem, enjoy the project :)

Hi. I was wondering about the fonts that you used throughout the video.

May I know what it is?


Freehand575 BT and Genuine :)

Need a bit of help… I update some of the text in the video, but when I drag it to reposition it on the board, it disappears or displays above everything?

specific to the beginning, where My name is badge falls in and the text behind it. I have 2 lines of text that needs to be repositioned behind the badge when showing up before the badge peals aways? But it adds a shadow and makes it display above the badge? Any help is appreciated

Hey there, I’m sorry for the inconvenience…looks like a problem with the text 3D position. Try selecting the layer, hit “p” to reveal position coordinates and play around with the last (z) value to move the text in z space (depth). For any further support please contact me using the form on my profile page.

ok thanks, I will try that