Discussion on FrameStory I Explainer Video Toolkit Character Animation with Built In UI

Discussion on FrameStory I Explainer Video Toolkit Character Animation with Built In UI

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I keep getting an error message each time i run the script. Kindly attend to this. It’s very urgent. This is the message I keep getting “Unable to execute script at line 4: file or folder does not exist”

Hello we thoroughly answered to your email. This message has nothing to do with the kit. It is a system conflict of your pc. Please follow the instructions we emailed to you and give us your feedback at

How would I create multiple actions by the same character Like walk in. Stop Wave. Ect?

Please send your request at and we will send you a tutorial.

Hello, I will use your product to make videos on my youtube channel, what license do I need to get? Is the money I paid for one time? Or will I have to pay again each time I make a new video? or do I have to pay monthly or is it a one-off payment?


The regular licence allows you to create up to 52 videos withion a year from the date of puchase. However, this has a special rule. All 52 videos should be a series of the same topic. To cover several topics, each topic must have a separate license.

If the limit of 52 videos has not been fully used, but more than a year has passed, the license will still lose its validity. If after this you plan to continue using the product, then you nee to buy a new license.

In the case of the YouTube channel, you can buy an extended licence and use it to create an unlimited number of videos within. a year from the date of purchase without a limit on the number of topics.

For more information please check the link below.

Hope that helps

I purchased your Framestory product a little while ago and haven’t tried to use it until recently.

When I try to use any of the scenes I get an After Effects error message:

Cached preview needs 2 or more frames to playback

I have cleared the cache and increased the memory file size but it just doesn’t clear

This happens on any scene I try to use.

Could you please advise

Hi there and thanks for coming back to me. I have sent you an email with my spec as requested

Hi there, I have tried to send you a message to but it keeps bouncing back to me. This is the spec of my Dell G5 15

Device name Dell G5 15 Processor Intel® Core™ i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable) System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

When I use your program to add a scene I get the error message.

I have increased cache memory size to 250gb but I still keep getting these messages.



Your specs seem to be ok but please send us a video preview of your actions at We do receive emails regurarlry.

Hi there, I wanted to check before purchasing if the poses and expressions can be combined in a single scene? In your tutorials I can see that every time you select a pose or facial expression, it overwrites the existing one. Thanks

No I am afraid this is not possible because is against Envato policy.

Understood and appreciated. One last question, do the characters with dress like outfits covering the legs have a natural walking animation? i.e. The legs dont go out of the outfit when walking, jumping or sitting? Thanks

Hello only in long skirts and only in very extended pos;itions the legs do go out of the outfit . We have taken this aspect under consideration that is why we designed pyramid shaped skirts in order to hide as much as possible this effect. For example if you choose a Queen to sit on a tall stool you will have the impression of the sitting position without the legs go out but if you have the Queen sitting on a short chair you wont avoid it. So the plot of the action would be a way around this effect. Please have a look at the link below at the complete list of character designs:

Hello. I have 2 youtube educational channels. I am interested in the product but without the hassle of license terms and limits. Most of the AE plugins comes with yearly subscriptions with unlimited use for a year or with one time purchase. If you can allow me to make videos with regular license or can consider a custom plan, please feel free contact. Many thanks.

BTW I appreciate your hard work and passion.

This product has great potential but but there are some serious issues becuase of which I’ve decided to discontinue with it. SO READ BEFORE INVESTING.

First, Interface is not optimized. Script window (UI Panel) does not fit in any window group. it does not resize elements and button. so means you have to dedicate a large chunk of your screen to the script’s window. believe me it is a headache. It is not a big issue to solve but it may be because creators are not updating the script.

Secondly, It will surely freeze your after effects so I did not find it practical for individuals. I have latest WIN10 with latest adobe CC, i7 8700k with 32 gb RAM with 3200mbps ssd. I think it is a decent configuration but still I could not manage to complete 2 mins of animation with it. tried at least 20 times.

Thirdly, Do not consider it as a light plugin, it will load a ultra heavy project into your existing project. freezing will start right away.

fourth, any animation and characters have their fixed time duration. Moreover, if you save the project and reopen it, you cannot change animations of characters. So, technically you should finalize all the animations before leaving the project (in case AE would not crash or freeze).

Final words. It is a great product but with great loopholes as well which, to me, makes it practically not usable, at least not as a time saver as of now, but yes If some of these small issues would be solved, it’ll be the top tools of its kind. Many people put a great handwork in it but developers should take care of the final product and interface.

I’ll wait for updates, If you people are ok with these issues, go for it, it is the best.

And yes, The thing I did not personally appreciate that their licensing terms are pretty annoying considering the fact that many great plugins and tools are coming up with very flexible subscription and one time plans.

We cannot know your puprose but you are taking too much effort with misleading potential users with completely fake comments. Perhaps this is a reaction to your request in giving you a special licence plan but this is something that we have absolutely no control. Only Envato handles license. So even if we wanted to offer a special plan this is impossible. You should be aware of t that if you have downloaded the toolkit from the official site of Videohive.

Besides that by dowloading the official version you could enjoy the high performance of all features. FrameStory is the only toolkit with a built in interface that makes process really fast and easy acquiring very low pc specs. Is built in a way that is much more user freiendly than any other kit in the market simply because we are the first to build the only kit with User Interface with a drag and drop builder. We created a much more simpler way of navigation and that is the big difference that makes our tool much more advanced from other in the market. Therefore this interface requires a more updated pc than usual but nothing too special. To give you an example we have tested the kit in an outdated 8 year old system pc with Intel® Core i7-3770 CPU, 3,40GHz, AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, 16GB DDR3 and still works perfect.

So ultil you become an official customer and explore the real thing it would be brave enough to try to respect our hard work and do not mislead potential users.

Helo, I do not understand the bodies of the characters do not appear

Hell and thank you for your purchase. This happens because of your pc settings and has nothing to do with the kit. Please sen us a screenshot of your experience at and we will be happy to help

Sir i have purchased your character animation toolkit but the item is not working properly in my Adobe after effect. I have 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD and after effect is getting hanged for an hour with this toolkit. So,i can’t use this product anyway and sincerely i am asking for an refund.

Hello, it is true that running AE on a pc of less than 16gb can have some bad performance according to Adobe official site.

The fact that we do not give PC specs is because it is impossible to give an insigth on technical issues that may occur from hardware. The kit has nothing to do with it. In Framestory you won’t encounter any bugs.

12gb RAM is considered to be low specs from the official Adobe site. Not from us. Apparently 4gb RAM is absolutely problematic in all aspects. Therefore the kit has nothing to do with it. Adobe minimum requirements for AE is 16GB RAM but please keep in mind though that no matter how powerful your machine is, After Effects has its own way of proccesing things so even if the specs are good you might encounter slow performance depending on the content.

In other toolkits you will have to wait more than 10 minutes until the file is fully loaded. In FrameStory even with the above mentioned low specs you will not wait more than 1 minute.

Please send us your purchase code at and please keep in mind that you can proceed with refund process directly by the Envato team so you will have to send a request for refund using this link There is nothing more we can do on that matter. Only Envato can issue refunds.