Discussion on FotoForm - Geometric 3D Photo Animator

Discussion on FotoForm - Geometric 3D Photo Animator

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I purchased this plugin but have CS6. Do you have a version that will work in that? I can’t open the file.

Hi Set2Stun!

CS6 is not compatible I’m afraid, as stated on the sales page. As much as I love CS6, After Effects has come on so far since then that I highly recommend you upgrade to CC2017. [Or minimum CC2014/15.] It’s faster, easier to use, has more functionality and offers far superior 3D capabilities which is essential for FotoForm.

This is taken from the sales page:

“FotoForm has been tested in CC14 and CC15. While CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC12 were planned to be compatible originally, it became clear throughout development that these older versions didn’t quite have was needed to deliver on the full FotoForm experience. Regretfully, we can’t troubleshoot for these older versions of AE and invite you to consider updating. The last few AE updates to CC have made several big performance improvements for 3D work in After Effects, with a new C4D-based 3D renderer coming very soon, so if you’ve doing anything other than 2D work I’d recommend the latest versions.”

If that’s not possible please get in touch with Envato to arrange a refund.

Many thanks!


Hi ~ I purchased fotoform and I went to your website to check the 15 tutorials you mentioned in your ad and I cant find anything that will help me understand how to operate fotoform. Please help!!!

Hi Suzannahsafi!

Please don’t worry, I’m here to help. :)

We have several resources available:

1. Overlay help prompts inside of FotoForm – you can see how to enable these for every section in the introduction stage upon opening FotoForm for the first time.

2. A community forum – including screencast video thread which currently explores the introduction stage at referenced above. You can also ask any question and make requests.

3. Downloadable projects to immediately see how FotoForm works in a hands-on way – also available in the forum.

We also have the first FotoForm update being released today which will give users a big speed boost! Again, keep an eye on the forum for updates.

I didn’t create an exhaustive video training series because I wanted to keep users in the program building muscle memory as much as I could. Have fun with experimentation but when you get stuck feel free to ask a question or request a screencast.

Please don’t feel as if you’re left to swim alone, because when I help you I help the whole community. It’s difficult for me to understand the challenges of someone new to After Effects because I’ve been using it for quite a while.

Best, Dave

Hello there, I purchased FotoForm on MightyDeals. I would like to know where can I find some tutorials? Please advise.


Customer support for this product is provided at the help desk address which is advertised inside FotoForm.

Thanks, Dave

Hi I just purchased from mightyD where are the tutorials? Thank you

The latest v1.2 release includes video tutorials in the community forum which you can find through FotoForm itself. Look for the little envelope icon in the quick help overlays. :)

Best, Dave

Thank you Dave, pls Just put the link here, i appreciate (little envelope icon?) Thank you

Please make user instructions. It is very difficult to use this without. Please also put links here to the video tutorials you mention. We should not have to go through the software to find it, that is very unintuitive. At least for me. Thx. :)

Hi Stevesan!

Have you downloaded the latest v1.2 of FotoForm? The ZIP now includes improved instructions for beginners.

As I’m sure you can appreciate, I can only offer confirmed customers product support. I assume you’ve purchased, though, so just send me a quick message to with your purchase code and I’ll send you the links and give you ALL the support you need. :)

There’s a ton of free resources for FotoForm organised in the free community forum to give a comprehensive overview, so I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to access that. Watching a single video might not give you the whole picture.

I would have included all downloads and videos in the purchase file but then the product would have come in at around 20GB. Hence the community forum.

Have a good day.

Thanks, Dave

Hi Dave.

Thanks for your quick answer. I actually have bought it, although I bought it through MightyDeals, and I just saw that you were on here to so I thought this was a practical way to reach you.

I’m not sure which version was in the files. And I didn’t find any easy place to start in the resources you mention. But I guess I’ll have to look again. :)



I think I didn’t have 1.2, so I submitted my purchase details in your on-line form to access it. Thanks.


Could you please send me a link to the video tutorials of the camera controls before I buy it to see if it is easy to use it or not because I can see a lot of comment of people having trouble to use the template and I do not think we have to keep contact support team for every step. Thank you.

Hi again Zeinab, that’s a familiar face! :)

Here’s the primary training video:

This training video in the series is a 10 minute time-lapse demonstrating the entire process with one of the downloadable projects. It’s also FotoForm v1.2 so please ensure you are using this version rather than v1.0 if you decide at some point to go ahead with the purchase. [You can read about the updates on the VH sales page here, or in the community forum.]

I prefer to keep everything contained in the community forum because you then have context with other lessons. You can also ask public questions, read about what other FotoForm users think, as well as being able to download the ‘Mountain’ project seen in the timelapse.

I recommend you watch the video at 1/2 speed via the controls to gain a granular understanding of the process.

Happy designing!

Regards, Dave

I was interested in purchasing this product, but i can see all comments are about training video, its a simple request and you are having problem providing there request and I find it off putting, dont you think maybe thats why your sales are low if you confidant about your product then be transparent with it and let people see how it works. By the way the link for the video training you provided it dose not work:

Hi Mo-01!

Apologies, that training video was updated a little while back and you can find it here:

I prefer people to access the help desk normally because the resources are far more comprehensive and users are less likely to have more questions. :)

Regards, Dave

My tip to you is to have this link available on the same page of your product so the people who are interested they can have an idea of how the product functions this will save you time having to answer the same question over and over. Good luck

Do I need After Effects to use FotoForm? Thanks.


Thanks for the question. Yes, After Effects is required to use FotoForm.

Thanks, Dave

This is really great work ! I love it! I wish you good luck :)

Thank you Fox_Production! :)

It’s really cool work!!!


Tried to register at the 3dmybusiness help page, but got an error page stating “invalid nonce” Couldn’t register to get to the training materials.

Nice work! Wish you great sales and good luck, man!:)

Thank you, audiochameleon. :)

Nice work! Wish you great sales and good luck, man!:)


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