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Music is inside. Excellent!

Nice job!

Any chance to convert this project to CS4?

I’ll try…

Hi, I’m a little new to this CS6 but want to know what do you mean by Requires Plugins and also can I easily type in a name under the logo when the flowers falls. Thanks

the plugin you need is Red Giant Particular, and adding line under the logo is very simple. send me a mail and I’ll explain you everything you need.

hi, great logo, i can not work with it, because i miss the Particular plugin.

Can you help me?

yes, contact me via my e-mail (through my profile page)

Hello, great video!

I have a question, I made this video: pwd: filip

and I see, that my inserted PNG logo has a white edges, could you please give me an advice, how is this happening? How can I fix that to have a logo without white edges. Thx.

Amazing work anyway!

responded through the mail. Thanks for purchasing!

Wow, thx for slides and solving this issue! You are fantastic!

Excellent product. Excellent support! I recommend you everywhere!

Hi. I just purchased this, however didn’t realize I need the plugin. Oops. Can you incorporate my logo for me?

send me a mail with the details…

Sent. Thanks

Hello! Very nice project! Gives 12 errors! Please, help!

email me

hi, its good job, but i have a problem in the script 1 to 6 , I’m working in after effects 2015

send a mail please

hi, i can not work with it, because i miss the Particular plugin.

I sent a mail on your profile a week ago but haven’t heard back from you.

Can you email

Thanks :-)

Didn’t realize I needed a plugin :( Can you put up the logo for me?

please write via mail

Hello, I am having some expression errors, Please help me on solving this issue. Thanks!

contact via mail

Hi! I downloaded it, but I can’t change color or quantity of flowers even when I set up plugin. Can you help me, please? I wrote a letter to you earlier. I use AE CC 2015.3

have you watched the tutorial?

i buy it but i’ve a problem with flower ammount ! i can’t change the ammount ! healp please i use new particular and the last after effect version

hi, nice project, but i have a problem in the script. When i open the project it shows me 6 expression errors. I send you email. Can you please help me?

Hello, after migrating settings for the REDGIANT Trapcode Particular 3 (Trapcode Suite 14, CC18) for all the hidden layers, I get the “This project contains expression errors: error 1 of 6”; unfortunately, the project seems outdated and cannot be used as advertised; furthermore, attempting to contact the author with a request to render a logo resulted in no response whatsoever; THEREFORE, unfortunately, sad but truth – the Author seems to be busy elsewhere and this project is completely abandoned. PS REDGIANT Trapcode Particular 3 costs USD 399 or USD 999 for the complete Trapcode Suite 14, mind you.

I have installed CS5 from here: and REDGIANT Trapcode Suite 13 trial from here: that worked perfectly on Win7. Thank you very much for your great work.

i can not work with it, because i miss the Particular plugin.

Can you help me?