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Hey there, Does this work with AE CC 2019? Looks like I’m missing the “Extras” panel in my Dashboard.

Hi Pecko, it does indeed.

Do you mind me asking where did you see an “Extras” panel in the dashboard? Extras are actually found under each of the themes. Select any colour theme layer, then go to its effects tab and you will find all of the extras at the bottom of the list there.

Oh I saw it in one of your videos or screen shots somewhere. You must of changed that feature of the Dashboard since. Thanks for pointing it out in the Effects Tab. One suggestion for any future releases could be a globe transition from a wider angle down to a specific country or between large distances between countries.

Funny you say that, cause we’re actually in the process of rolling out a new series of templates called “World Travel Maps” that will have the exact kind of zooming that you mentioned there :) Check it out here:

Hello I am planning to take your maps in the future, I am a bit confused? What’s the difference between this map and the European for example? As far I understand the European is a pack with global flight map and European in details for showing overland trips? thanks

Hi there,

Good question!

Flight Maps (FM) is an older template we released back in 2017 and its primarily aimed to be a tool for creating airplane animations across the map.

World Travel Maps (WTM) is a brand new template series that’s a lot more sophisticated, better designed and automated version of Flight Maps and is aimed to help you create much more detailed map animations that include multiple legs of the trip with interchangeable forms of transportation.

So the primary differences between Flight Maps and the new World Travel Maps series would be:

- WTM has only a world map and one continent map (depending on which template version you choose) but the continent map is a lot more detailed, has cities, roads, higher quality textures, etc. when compared to FM. - With FM you can’t zoom from world map to continent map to create smooth transitions. With WTM you can and its fully automated. - WTM has 8 colour themes that have a lot of customization, where FM has 5 themes that are a lot more basic. (this is to be updated in new version) - WTM has tons of scripting and automation that turn something that took 30mins to do with Flight Maps into a 5 click operation. - FM is primarily designed only for airplane animations, but you can also use car and boat icons. WTM has a whole system to manage different forms of transport, where route designs automatically change based on the icon you choose. Also in WTM all of the icons are 3D. - WTM has responsive comps, meaning you can change their resolution to any size or format you want (like for example if you want to use your videos for instagram stories) and

And that’s just few points of the top of my head. I agree that there’s some confusion as the branding looks very similar on both, but we’ll be doing an update on this template shortly to address that address. We’ll also implement a lot of the functionality from WTM.

Hope that answers your question.

Very very clear thank you, I was already thinking to go with the updated version, cheers

Hi there, I’d like to have a TRAIN icon. Can I update the car to a train by. replacing that piece of art inside the project?

Hi April,

Yes, that would be the way to do it. And if you want to add a couple of extra carriages, you’d simply have to duplicate that vehicle layer and offset it by a couple of frames so it follows the engine.

Send us an email to if you’d like me to give you a more detailed description.


Hi folks, Will post this in the appropriate place under the purchased username – we’ve had numerous issues that many other issues are reporting on the YouTube tutorial video at 10:33 that when we copy keyframes the arc is three times the size of the other lines, amongst other issues. Is there an upcoming release that will fix these bugs and re-confirm compatibility with Adobe CC’19? We’ve spent quite a bit of additional funds fixing bugs in this project file.

Hi ptwebdev,

Would you mind sending us an email to so we can take a proper look at the issues you’re having.

I can confirm though that the template has been tested and is fully compatible with AE CC19.



Ive downloaded the files and installed AE cc2015 but it doesnt work. Do i need newer version?

It should work on all AE versions from CC14 onwards so don’t think that’s the problem. What’s the message that you’re getting? Can you email us at Thanks.

Hi, can you add a detailed map of India and Sri lanka?

Sure thing. How detailed do you need it to be? Would you mind sending me an email to with more details on that?