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Flex Effector

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Flex Effector is a script for After Effects which allows you to create own effects, which are very easy to manage. Ideal for creating templates, presets, etc.


  • Does NOT require to restart After Effects;
  • The widest selection of controllers and their parameters;
  • Created pseudo effects are supported by all versions of After Effects that support FFX presets (PointControl with 3D option enabled, supported since CS5.5);
  • Created pseudo effects saved in your project and work immediately and without errors on other computers.

Change Log:

Version 1.2 (01/10/2019):
- Temporary disable purchase verification
- Color Picker now calls the AE window, instead of the operating system window
- Small bugs fixed

Version 1.1.02 (22/02/2018):
   - Fixed incorrect behavior of window the popup editor in AE CS6
   - Other minor internal fixes and improvements

Version 1.1 (02/02/2018):
   - Added the ability to specify custom MatchNames
   - Added a new type of controller - Mask Control. This works the same as Layer Control, only it allows you to select masks from the current layer
   - Fixed problem with hang of main script window
   - Fixed problem with incorrect interpolation for Point and 3DPoint
   - Many other minor bug fixes
   - The internal code has been greatly redesigned to achieve greater speed and stability

Version 1.00.06 (13/01/2016):
   - Fixed problem with incorrect loading ffx file, if the names of the controllers include the symbol "%" 

Version 1.00.05 (28/12/2015):
   - Fixed problem with incorrect interpolation for Point and 3DPoint

Version 1.00.03 (18/11/2015):
   - Added the ability to Copy-Paste ( just click the right mouse button on the controller )
   - Fixed bug when the button only works at the second attempt
   - Fixed bug with verify purchase code on some internet connections
   - Fixed loading for the Slider-Control when opening ffx file

Version 1.00.02 (13/11/2015):
   - Fixed error occurred while loading { UI newImage }
   - Minor interface improvements
   - Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.00.00 (8/10/2015):
   - It was created

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