Discussion on Flex Effector

Discussion on Flex Effector

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Hey, the script is very useful! I use it quite frequently. After I reinstalled my system, I can’t activate the script, it says: “unable to connect to server, contact developer”. How can I fix that? Заранее спасибо ;)

UPD: No worries, the new version works fine. Thank you for the great tool!

i recently updated my computer and now when i put in the item purchase code, i get a “unable connect to server” message. how do i fix this error?

I apologize for a long waiting for an answer. Could you contact me through the email form in my profile to solve this problem?

Oops. Something wrong is happen. Unable connect to server ‘Contact developer for more info about this type of error – Что делать?

I released a new version of the script. It takes some time for the review to pass. I can also send you a new version if you contact me by email. Я обновил скрипт. Сейчас требуется какое то время, на прохождение ревью. Я также могу выслать вам новую версию, если вы свяжитесь со мной по электронной почте

The script is just amazing. Very nice to use it. I would like to add the ability to drag and drop items in the stack.

Excellent product! I hope you continue to work on the script. Thank you for the low price!

Hi! Do you know if is possible to add new elements to a ffx loaded via scripting knowing its Pseudo/ name? so let’s say you have a script that loads a .ffx you have created with some controllers, and you need to add an extra group with a slider or two to it, depending on the layer where it’s applied, so the script adds that extra group dynamically to the base .ffx controls

Hi! No, unfortunately AE does not provide such an opportunity. It is required to create and load a new ffx file with a new matchName

If you are interested, I can create a script-library that will do this according to your template, you can write me an email

ooh, too bad for Adobe! and great for your suggestion, I’ll write you, thanks!!

Hi. I can see a competing plugin have the ability to make a setting invisible. Any plans on adding that?

Hi! I have a lot of plans, but very little time (or I’m not using it very efficiently), now I don’t even have time to respond to comments. That is, yes. I will this function (as others), but I can not guarantee that it will be implemented in the near future

tool slider – can I set a step?

Not. Unfortunately this is not possible