Fire Up

Fire Up

Fire Up!

I was playing around with Trapcode Particular to create procedural fire, and I ended up with this fun animation. Created in After Effects CS5. It is very easy to use. Just drag and drop your logo or text, and hit render! You do need to have the Trapcode Particular plugin installed. Texture and sound effects are included

The project is neatly organized, and a tutorial is included to show you how to insert your own logo. The project has expression controls to easily tweak the settings, and you can change the camera animation if you want. The texture and sound effects are also part of the package.

The project has 4 different scenes (so 4 different animations) and some scenes have 2 camera’s. So you can easily switch between animations. But the scenes are 3D, so you can also freely change camera angles. For this you will need the Optical Flares plugin. There is also a pre-rendered version included, so you don’t need the plugin, but if you want to move the camera yourself, better to have this plugin installed.

Content of Package:
This project comes in 3 different version, and has 1 bonus scene.
  • Project with pre-rendered Optical Flares
  • Project for owners of the Optical Flares plugin
  • Project with Revision Reel Smart Motion Blur
  • I have included a version with the Reel Smart Motion Blur plugin, because this is much faster effect then the build in Motion Blur effect from After Effects. So if you own RSMB you can use this project.

    Project overview:
    • Created in Adobe CS5
    • Texture included
    • FullHD resolution 1920×1080
    • 4 different scenes (+ 1 bonus fire scene)
    • 12 seconds long (average)
    • Spoken Video tutorial
    • Camera control
    • Trapcode Particular 2.1 is required
    • The Sound Effects are Included
    • Music is not included but can be found here

    Please note, to make it as realistic as possible, the project makes use of Particular, Shatter and motion blur, and on a normal PC could take around 20-45 minutes to render.

    Screen Shots: