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Friend, I wish you further advancement and big sales! ;)

Nice but i cant use it because i get error message. I have after effects as well but it doesnt see and says i have to install after effects as well. Can u help me?

If you upgrade Premiere Pro to 2018 version you don’t need After Effects installed. If you still want to use Premiere Pro 2017 reinstall After Effects 2017 and it will work.

Thank you very much, it works. I had to upgrade Premiere pro and after effects (You wrote i dont need after effects if i have the newest premiere pro, but i had to because it says i need to install After effects V15. Thank you for your help and your work, i give you my rating

I’m glad you managed to fix the problem. :)

Hi guys, i’ve got a problem with the Fire Titles. I use Premiere cc 2018 and once installed all the files, when I drag the file on the timeline, it shows me only the template and doesn’t show me the title. How is it possible? What can I do?

Hi, Please send a screenshot to Thanks, Eduard

Great titles! How do I change the font?

Hi, This is the only way to change fonts in a Mogrt file:

Can you update this to work with Premiere Pro CC 2019? Right now, if you open your mogrt files on CC 2019, the fonts do not work with your mogrt files and instead, defaults to standard adobe font. This problem does not appear on CC 2018. Please let me know if you do plan to update this to work with CC 2019, I love using your mogrt files on my projects but I would hate to have to revert back to Premiere Pro 2018.

I am an Envato Elements subscription member

Hi, I will upgrade all my Premiere Pro project soon.

Please update for CC2019. Does not currently work!

Hi, Update is coming in couple of hours.

Thank you!!

Do you have an update for this for CC2020? Currently unable to use it!

Hi, Version 4 is coming in couple of hours.

I just saw it and I got goosebumps. How cool this track works in this video! Thanks!

;) Nice track! Thanks!