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Hi I seem to have an issue. When I open the project in After Effects, it shows that ” This project must be converted from the version 9.0.3 (Windows). The original file will be unchanged”.

Then it shows “This project has a missing effect. Install the following effect to restore this reference ”Particular” This I think it is because I don´t have Particular as I read above.

I am running After effects cc 2017

I tried it on both windows and mac I am new to this and wanted to have my logo do that effect


first message you’ve received is more of a notification which let’s you know that I’ve used an earlier version of AE to make the project.

Second one is telling you what the problem is – you are missing a 3rd party plugin Particular which is needed in order for this project to work properly. That information is stated in the item description.

If you are interested I can render out the project for an additional fee or you can try contacting support and asking for a refund.

There is a contact form on my profile page so if I can help you with anything else please feel free to send me a message.

All the best.

Beautiful work!

this totally doesn’t work on my mac

Hi there,

sorry for the inconvenience with the project.

Could you please be more specific at explaining what is not working:

- You can’t open the project at all? - Render stops with an error? - You don’t see fire particles?

Giving few more details will help me help you.

All the best.

when i buy this project, with an standart licence, can i use it then for my youtube videos or only for ONE video? what do i have to do, that i can use it for all my youtube videos?

Hi there,

you can use this project on all of your videos :)

Thank you for purchasing and please leave a rating on the downloads page if you have a moment or two.

All the best.

I’m having a hard time customizing this template. Previously I purchased the Colorful Particles Logo Reveal and was able to navigate it easily. However, the parts of this template seem to be a lot more separated. Where exactly is the burning effect located in this template?

Hi there,

what is Colorful Particles Logo Reveal? I’m pretty sure that is not one of the projects I’ve made.

Regarding the organisation of the compositions and layers, well what can I say… this is a 6yrs old project. I didn’t possess knowledge and skill set I have now. I do realize I should go over all of my projects and update them but unfortunately there are 80 of them and I just don’t have the time for such a thing.

Particles are emitted based on the Emitter compositions which consist of layers that are revealing the logo.

All the best.

I am missing Particular and Particular 2

Hi there,

sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your purchase but Particular is essential in order for this project to work. That is stated in the item description and on the side bar description.

I can render out the project for you (additional cost) or you could write to support and ask for a refund.

All the best.

Can you make it so the fire creates the logo or will it just work like in the video sample where the fire burns the logo away?

Hello there, sorry for a slow response. I will take your comment as a suggestion and there is a chance I will update the project with that possibility.

As of now, what you see is what you get.

All the best.

Great job. Everything is very harmonious and beautiful. Your work has made me interested in your portfolio. I wish you good sales and creative success!

Thank you for the kind words, I wish you the same!

All the best.


1) Is there a way I can scale the logo? I feel it is too small compared to the rest of the composition space available. I would also like to add some of my own text around the logo which is necessary if it’s possible to have it scaled.

2) Also is there a way one can choose when the ‘dissolve’ takes place?

I have tried to hide and unhide layers, but this is the first time I’ve seen a file where you can’t access all the visible layers.

Thank you

3) Also I notice when changing the ‘background ramp 2nd color’ to a lighter color, it seems as if the logo is resting beneath this color? Is there a way to bring the logo to the absolute ‘front/top’?

Hello. I managed to eventually figure out a bunch of things… I was able to go through the different compositions and try to understand how this whole file is put together… I have made the above changes… thank you

Hello there,

sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner. I am glad to hear that you were able to adjust the project to your needs.

Thank you for purchasing!

All the best.

I bought this, and I can edit it just fine, but when I go to render, everything is yellow. Please Help!


first of all sorry for the inconvenience with the project.

Usually when things like bright colors appear it is a sign that something is missing, it could be a missing plugin or a missing/corrupted file(s) that come with the project.

Since you are able to edit the project without any issue that can pretty much rule the missing plugin problem out.

Just to be sure, you do have Trapcode’s Particular installed, right?

To fix the missing/corrupted files issue, please try to download the project again from Videohive. All of the projects have to be reviewed by a professional before they are available on the market so that means that this project has passed the quality test and it is working as it should.

To sum things up:

- make sure you have Trapcode Particular plugins installed (doesn’t come with After Effects, must be purchased separately)

- if you do have the Trapcode Particular installed and you are still experiencing the bright colors try to download the project again

- if you are using Windows OS, make sure you have Quicktime installed, it can cause problems sometimes if you don’t have it if there are prerendered MOV elements in the project.

Please let me know if this was helpful.

All the best, Ilija

beautiful effect!

What do I need to do in order to swap out the logo? I am having a hard time adding my own.

Hi there,

everything is explained in the included video tutorial which you can find in the 00_Help folder once you unpack the zip pack.

Also make sure that you have Trapcode Particular plugin installed (doesn’t come with After Effects, must be purchased separately).

If you need more help please feel free to send me an email through my profile page. Go here: and on the right hand side you’ll see a section email d3luxxxe, type your message there.


All the best, Ilija