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Just fantastic! Well done Ilija. Ovaj ce da pokida!

Well how sick is that!! Fantastic stuff!!


Nice particles animation

A M A Z I N G ! !!!!!

Woooowwww !!! man this is the best … Amazing fire fx, Well done.

Amazing reveal man! Nice one!!

I’ve never seen a better fire reveal than this one… I hope you will have hundreds, if not thousands, of sales! :)

That’s what we need!!! Yeeeeaahhhhh, pure excellence!!! :):):)

Amazing work…simply stunning :)

Amazing reveal mate, really great !
Love it ! :)
Wish you many sales !

great one, super fx on fire, bookmarked, will buy soon… very sharp; looks like the fire fx when Blade gets vampires in the blade movies, very hollywood quality – excellent job

Super project! Well done! :)

actually it’s just too cool to not have, so I just deposited $ via pp so I could buy this – thanks for another great project – well done, I can use this :)

AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :shocked: Damn, VideoHive simply blows up by high quality works recently! Awesome file!

it’s really nice :)

Absolutely amazing. I am so glad I started following you long ago.

Superb effect ! Best of luck m8 :)