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Looks awesome man! Wish you good luck with it!

Regards, inlife

thanx inlife….:) :)

great desing man… if it has music it could be much more impressive

i thought that before men….:( but where can i find music?....

Very impressive, many sales with this one :-)

thankoooo…but still 0 sales….he heee

thanx dude

A good attempt :)

salli dila ekak ganinko….aaa

Very very good! great work

hari apahu monday anakota oya project aka aran waren 2 adu karala mama 20 ta gannaam.onnam a 20 ta hari yanna yogurt akak aran dennam. 20 kiyanne mokakda sweep ticket akaka ganane…..

but where can i find music?....


i try to find bro…..but the some times beat is not matching…that the problem…

Great job man.



thannnxxxxxx :)

about the sound, you can use sounds that you have created.. if you dont creat sounds and im sure you dont so you can ask from users on audiojungle (it is another site on the envato marketplace) they will be happy to help you…i can recommend you to use Soundroll’s music which is realy great ! good luck man ! (i also have no sales =( )

ya ya dude..from my next project ill try to add music…with it….thanx for your comments

Yes together with a sound it would be more interesting! But I have to admit that the video is done very cool! :) Excellent work man! ;)

woww….im still a beginner…..he heee….thanx brooo

Great work here….you are finding your inspiration on some VH authors here…that is a good thing.

I like the use of the flares of the place holders, nice 3D and depth of field..

probably the colors are not my favorite but still you can change them to you like.

Keep the good work!


me dawas tike charter ban :)

ow oi mage ara magula 1st ekata thiyenne shit balapan eka 1 n nawathila ne…