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So good you would think it’s the original one! Great work man :)

Fantastic mate… I will need this in couple of days.. Great job!

Great work!!!

Super realistic! Great work!

dammit … thought it would be an AE file :( oh well. thanks anyway.

ColorfulUmbrella was here!

i don’t know why but for some reason when I import this to after effects it doesn’t work, and the last beep is in the wrong place when I render it out, it doesn’t even make a beep noise when I am working on the project


..ok sorry for ranting on here, I sorted out the case there are any other students who ran into the same problem like I did, just mute the original track and use the audio file provided with the download

Hi Alien_Monley,

Excuse the delay getting back to you. I’ve been away over New Year.

Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems with the file, and glad to hear you’ve solved them. That’s the best way to learn! :-)

The files themselves are completely standard (Quicktime and AIFF) format, so Premiere shouldn’t have any problems with them.

In answer to your questions (and for anyone else reading):

The video files have a muted sound track (i.e. they’re silent) and the sound that accompanies the file is provided as three separate AIFF audio files. This allows the user to mix the levels him/herself, so he/she can have more or less film crackle compared to the beep or completely eliminate the projector sound, for instance.

The beep should occur at the end of the 2 (13.00) (at the same point the picture goes black)... not at 0 as some people assume. This was always the way film leaders were made, so that there is no sound or image after the 2 and no danger on TV of cutting to the program prematurely and allowing the audience to see the countdown.

With these files, you simply line up the start of the sound with the start of the video clip and the beep should be in the right place. If it isn’t, it’s possible that you’ve somehow interpreted the frame rate of the clips wrongly during the import. The correct frame rate for each clip is in the file name, so there can be no mistake.