Film 16 MM Kit

Film 16 MM Kit

Film 16 MM Kit 20 Element
- 6 Clip Frame_16_MM_Telecine_Loop_Mov. Alpha(Png) = 10 sec
- 1 Clip Vignette Loop_Mov. Alpha(Png) = 10 sec
- 8 Clip Dust&Scratches_Texture_Film_Loop_Mov. Alpha(Png) = 10 sec
- 5 Clip Transitions Light Leaks Mov. Alpha(Png)

How to use 16 MM
01. Drop file Dust&Scratches_Texture_Film Mov.(PNG) on footage 1 st layers
02. Drop file Vignette Loop_Mov. Alpha(Png) on footage 2 nd layers
03. Drop file Frame_16_MM_Telecine_Loop_Mov. Alpha(Png) on footage top layers

For transitions
- Drop file Transitions Light Leaks Mov. Alpha(Png) between footage

Footage not include purchase from
01.Smiling Girl With Afro Resting On Promenade
02.Enjoying the Ride
03.Shoot Handles Vintage Camera 2
04.Funny Girl Blowing Soap-Bubbles
05.Beautiful Teenage Model beautiful-teenage-model/11731010”>
06.Woman Running On Wooden Pier At Sunset

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