Female Character Design and Animation Kit

Female Character Design and Animation Kit

The Female Character Design and Animation Kit allows After Effects users to quickly and effortlessly design and animate a unique female character.

Who and what is this project file for?
This template was originally designed as a tool for graphic designers that 

  1. want to save time and energy (animation from scratch takes a LOOONG time – you have to design the character, digitalise the character, import and rig the character, animate the character through key framing etc) whilst also having the flexibility to customise and put their own unique style into the character design or 
  2. have mastered graphic design but are still in the process of learning about animation and motion graphics. It’s the project file I always wished I had as a designer / animator / motionographer. 

However, I also chose to also make this template super easy to follow so even beginners who have never touched After Effects in their life could use it and start designing their own characters. In fact it may just act as a friendly, straight-forward introduction to After Effects. Some ideas as to what you might use your character for include:

  • Animation projects
  • Motion graphic projects
  • Film overlays
  • Explainer videos
  • Business promo videos


  • 1920×1080 Full HD.
  • Works in CC14, CC12, CS6 and CS5.5.
  • No plugins required. 
  • Expressions Universalizer: The expressions used in this project work in all languages.
  • Contains guides and instructions within the actual document to help you as you go.
  • Really easy to use! Beginner friendly. 
  • Video tutorials included.
  • Control layers that make it super easy to customise.
  • Endless possible character designs.
  • Wardrobe and Animation Guide PDF file for a quick look at what design and animation options you might use (Download below)
  • Option to easily create and import your own clothing pieces created using the Illustrator and/or Photoshop templates included. 
  • 32 different animation movements.
  • 10 different objects to hold including sign. 
  • Customisable speech and thought bubbles.
  • 15 facial expressions to choose from. Can change for each animation (eg. dance with happy expression or dance angry expression).
  • The file will be updated occasionally (free for previous customers) with new wardrobe pieces, objects to hold and animations.

What’s not included?

This template is only for creating female characters, not the entire animation. It does not include:

  • Background images. You must make these yourself.
  • Male characters – A project file for male characters is available here.
  • Music and sound effects
  • Titles
  • Fonts: All fonts used are free to download from Google Fonts – I used Open Sans, Amatic and Slabo 13px.
  • It is also worth mentioning that each project file creates one female character. For multiple characters you must use multiple projects files, export and then combine. 

Video Tutorials

Click here to check out the video tutorials and get an inside view of what’s included and how the project file works.

Design and Animation Options

Download the Wardrobe and Animation Guide for a detailed description of the design and animation options included in the project file.

Male Character Toolkit

You may also be interested in the Male Character Toolkit. Click here to check it out.

Music (in preview video): “Fun” by MentionMusic. You can download the song here.