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newsguy Purchased

Really great plugin, just what I’ve been looking for! How do I edit niche 8 so that the text is colour white not clear?

Hey mate! Thanks so much so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying it. Thats a good idea to add a parameter to switch between, will set up today. Do you want to email me at so I can send straight through to you?

Hey! Is this working with the latest Final Cut Pro (10.5.1) and Big Sur? And are you going to always update the pack? I’ve been using another pack which doesn’t work now… If yours is working and will be updated I’ll be happy to purchase it!

Hey mate! Replied to your mail :)

Hi!! This is an amazing pack and thank you for the updates as well. Just downloaded and installed the V6 update. However the Icons, the infographics and the devices sections dont seem to be working. They show up in the titles list but shows a kind of “T with an exclamation mark” red frame while scrolling through these sections. The other sections are working fine. Please advise

Hey mate, thanks so much for the kind words and glad to hear you are enjoying the project so far. This was a backward compatibility problem we’re happy to report has already been fixed :) You’ll just need to redownload and copy the folders again and you will be able to use those sections in FCP.

Thanks for your immediate response. It worked out!

You are most welcome :) Enjoy the update.

Hi, I Just update the Final Cut pro X to 10.5 but the infographics titles does not appear. what can I do. let me know. thanks.

Hey mate, just the infographics or any other titles as well? We did fix a bug recently with infographics and backward compatibility would you be able to redownload the zip and try again, alternatively if you can send a screenshot to would love to have a look.

Considering purchase. Will it work on M1 Macs?

Hey mate, thanks for the interest in the product :) We’ve had no problems on M1 Macs but if you are keen to try on your Mac before you buy you can download the sample pack for free here:

can I use it in my youtube series? more than one video? how is the license working?

Hey there, Collection is considered a tool project so you are entitled to use on as many videos for your brand. If you would like a better understanding please contact us at

What folder do you upload the logo stings and sound effects within FCPX? It wasn’t in the Read Me file.

Hey mate, check out the tutorial on FCP Graphics Collection. You just drag the audio into FCPX when you are using a specific logo sting. FCPX cannot read audio from Motion files.


I bought this plugin when it was initially introduced. When I upgraded to the new, more recent upgrade, it replaced my older version and now those links are not recognizing where the old versions were. How can this be resolved for this or future updates?

I saw where the update was “updated” for backwards compatibility – but this is not working on my side. Please email me for a fix at your earliest convenience. I have a 30 minute edit that used these titles liberally – so I’m a bit stressed at needing a solution. Thx

Hey mate, thanks for getting in touch. Please check out the video in the download called ‘Tutorial 2 – Installing from Version 5’. Unfortunately as all titles have been updated and some renamed Motion files will not be able to simply relink with the new version. We do however have older versions of the project stored so you can get your previous projects linked up with the version you were using. Please mail us at so that we can provide this for you.

Backwards compatibility refers to older versions of Final Cut Pro. So for instance the the Collection is backward compatible on versions of FCP going back from 10.5.1 to 10.2.

Hi I don’t seem to have the motion folder. I think it should be on the folders I downloaded but it’s not there. Then I tried it on my computer but it’s not there either. I thought maybe I try my video folder but again it’s not there. Please assist

Hey mate, please contact via email at then we can sort this problem for you asap :)

Support Mac M1?

Yes supports Mac M1

pstemann Purchased

Hi, do you have a browser window in the package? I review software and I like to show the software in a browser window. Like AppSumo does for example:

Or something similar? Your product looks cool!

Is this compatible with the M1 Macs?

Hey there, it is compatible with M1 Macs