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Nicely done! I love this!

Thanks so much, really appreciated!

Amazing work, realy good one!

Thanks Alex :)

Excellent work my friend!!! ;)

Thanks so much mate :)

Excellent job!

Thanks mate!

Perfect project!

Thanks so much! :)

Great job. But unfortunately it doesn’t work with Final Cut 10.3.1.It refuses to render – gets stuck at 0% and requires a Force Quit. I even saved it out with the newest version of Motion, it doesn’t fix the problem. Let me know if you update it to work with 10.3.1. Until then it goes in the dustbin.

Hey Brett,

Thanks for the message and for addressing your problem. The template has been tested on 10.3.1 and so far I’ve experienced no problems with it on there. Could you let me know which titles you used specifically so I can test them on my side. Sorry for the inconvenience, hope to get to the bottom of this quickly.

Kind regards, Justin

Thanks Abbie!

Nice and clean

Thanks so much :)

Thanks so much mate :)

Bravo! Cool project!

Thanks so much mate, much appreciated!

Thanks so much mate, love your work!

Hi! I love your work! Sorry for the newbie question but I was wondering if your titles will work with my version of FCP, which is FCP X (10.3.4). Thanks again :)

Hey There, indeed it will. It works from version 10.2.2 and up.

Awesome thank you! I will also purchase FCP Titles 2. Thanks again!

Fantastic, thank you for the support, give me a shout if there’s anything I can assist with.

Hi! I’m using FCP X 10.4.2 and the titles appear. However, the default words in the boxes are not fitting as the demo showed. They are too large for the object boxes. So, when I input my own words (same word length) I am constantly having to increase the box size or adjust words. Is there another way I should have downloaded the file? Thanks.

Hey there thanks for the message. Its sounds like you don’t have the default fonts installed. Checkout the readme text document that comes with the project. In there you will find the links to download all the fonts.

Thank you so much for your quick response! This resolved the issue! Thank you!!

No problem! All the best with your project.

Great work! and have a question. Is there any way to change the color of RED bars to different colors in FCPX? Thank you.

Hey there, thanks so much for the feedback. You can indeed change the bars, check out the tutorial included in the project files, it shows how to change the published parameter settings inside of FCPX.

Thanks for your answer. It’s different version but I found how to change color. I bought different affects you’ve made. Great work!

Fantastic thanks so much and hope the products all work well for you!