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If I customize the colors for 1 of the icons according to the colors of my corporate identity, can I save these settings and apply them to all the other icons for the future?

So for instance: today I’m using icon A in project A in the colors green and yellow and a specific type of shading etcetera. And tomorrow I’m using icon B in project B but I want to have the exact same colors and shading. Is that easily possible?

Hey thanks so much for the message, unfortunately right now there isn’t the ability to copy the settings over from one to the next. Reason being is that each title is an individual motion project and FCP hasn’t adapted settings styles that can be copied from one to the next. However there is one workaround that I can recommend specifically if you want to use a single color. With an icon selected add a colorize effect and change both colors to the single color you want to change the icon to, then change the intensity to 100. Then copy the title, select the other icon that you want to change the colors to and select edit past effects. Let me know if this helps and sorry I couldn’t offer a more suitable solution.

hi, how can ui sport animated icon to light gif file? for web use

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I only see about 4 flags. How do I download the rest?

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Hi, Just using the FCP Flag Icons widget (Europe) and when I select England Flag Icon, I get the Serbia Flag instead…. Otherwise very good plugin. Many Thanks

Thank you so much for pointing this out :) We have made the change and updated here. Let us know if you just want to download the individual Europe icon instead of downloading the whole pack again –