Faux Parent

Faux Parent

Faux Parent will give you all the power of normal parenting, but with the freedom that you will never get from a “real” parent. Faux Parent is an After Effects preset that will let you decided how much control the parent can have over the child.

• Position-Parent: XY, X Only, Y Only, XY Inverted, X Only Inverted, Y Only Inverted

• Scale-Parent: XY, X Only, Y Only, XY Inverted, X Only Inverted, Y Only Inverted

• Rotation-Parent: Standard & Inverted

• Opacity-Parent: Standard & Inverted

• Add a delay to any Faux Parent mode. The delay is added in the number of frames set by the user. Use the Master Delay to sync all parameters or select a different delay amount for each property.

• Faux Parent allows you to use a different parent for each property (position, scale, rotation, and opacity). Therefore, the user can up to four parents for one child layer.

• Set the anchor point of the child independent of the parent. You can rotate your child from any point. You aren’t limited to the parent’s anchor point.

• Compatible with Adobe After Effects CS6 and above.

• Compatible with all language versions of AE.

• Comes with a Faux Parent icon for KBar

• Include a tutorial to help you get the most out of Faux Parent.

Faux Parent Update 1.1

• An influence slider has been added. You can now have your child inherit 0%-200% of the parent’s parameter of choice

• Frame sync has been removed in favor of allowing the user to set the sync position using two different types of markers on the child layer

• Updated the tutorial to reflect the changes to the sync types

Faux Parent Update 1.2

• The influence slider can now be increased to 1000%

• Parent Type can now be keyframed

• New Parent Type – X, Y Inverted

• New Parent Type – X Inverted, Y

Update 1.3

• New rotation mode – Target

• Target allows the layer to point towards the parent. Delay and influence strength are both supported. Use the manual offset to adjust the initial rotation value.