Discussion on Fast Typographic Promo

Discussion on Fast Typographic Promo

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Hi. I bought this template but I couldn’t open aep file at CS 5.5. I only have CS 5.5 and can’t use upper version. How can I use or open it? Or will you help me? Could u save this template as 5.5 aep file and send to my email( I need hurry

Hi. Responded to email.

Hello. Can you tell us what is the maximum video duration we can use as background?

Hi. The project is modular and therefore if you use only the text component on top of your video, you can use a video of 40 sec. If you insert the video in some parts, then the parts from 2 to 6 seconds will be work well.

Hi, I bought this, and tutorial video file has no sound, so I have no idea what’s going on. Pls send me the video tutorial with sound in the background, thanks!

Hi! The video tutorial has a text description at the bottom of the screen.

Where can I buy music? I want to buy this music!!! plz

Hi there,

I just purchased your template but am having an absolute nightmare scaling the project to 1080p. All the footage I want to drop in is at 1080 but when I change the comp settings to 1080, all the titles stay in 4K. I’ve tied your earlier suggestion of creating a null layer and parenting it but i’m still having issues with it. I’m not all that clued up on After Effects – I only ever use templates so if you have a solution that’s easy to understand then please let me know.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the reply. I’ve done what you suggested but when I scale the original composition to 50% it halves the size of the 1080 video I drop in as well as the text. Is there a way around it scaling everything? Hope this makes sense. Sorry for being a pain.

It works if I then change the scale of my video to 200% in the original comp – will this reduce the quality or will it still appear in full 1080p in my new comp?

Hi, Yes it will work. Scale the video to 200%, and then reduce the original composition to 50%.

How do I sync music (purchased the one in the link) to the graphics? Is it through After Effects?

Also, is it possible to use videos instead of photos for the background?

Thank you for your purchase. Yes, you can use video for placeholders.To sync music just import it into After Effects and place it on the timeline in the main composition. Animation in sync with music from the start

Hello, I have just downloaded the template, but I found that there are NO photo and No audio, why? I supposed that I could use some of the pics and the audio for creating my project.

Hi! These are the rules of Envato. Photos and music are copyrighted by other authors.