Discussion on Fast Typographic Promo

Discussion on Fast Typographic Promo

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Great project! I just finished exporting to 1080. Do you have this project for an intagram story format export ( vertical ) ? Thanks

Nice to meet you. Can this amazing piece be used in After Effects 2021?

Hi! Yes! It wiil be worked!

Thank You.

Hello, I have just downloaded the template, but I found that there are NO photo and No audio, why? I supposed that I could use some of the pics and the audio for creating my project.

Hi! These are the rules of Envato. Photos and music are copyrighted by other authors.

How do I sync music (purchased the one in the link) to the graphics? Is it through After Effects?

Also, is it possible to use videos instead of photos for the background?

Thank you for your purchase. Yes, you can use video for placeholders.To sync music just import it into After Effects and place it on the timeline in the main composition. Animation in sync with music from the start

Hi there,

I just purchased your template but am having an absolute nightmare scaling the project to 1080p. All the footage I want to drop in is at 1080 but when I change the comp settings to 1080, all the titles stay in 4K. I’ve tied your earlier suggestion of creating a null layer and parenting it but i’m still having issues with it. I’m not all that clued up on After Effects – I only ever use templates so if you have a solution that’s easy to understand then please let me know.

Thanks in advance


Thanks for the reply. I’ve done what you suggested but when I scale the original composition to 50% it halves the size of the 1080 video I drop in as well as the text. Is there a way around it scaling everything? Hope this makes sense. Sorry for being a pain.

It works if I then change the scale of my video to 200% in the original comp – will this reduce the quality or will it still appear in full 1080p in my new comp?

Hi, Yes it will work. Scale the video to 200%, and then reduce the original composition to 50%.

Where can I buy music? I want to buy this music!!! plz

Hi, I bought this, and tutorial video file has no sound, so I have no idea what’s going on. Pls send me the video tutorial with sound in the background, thanks!

Hi! The video tutorial has a text description at the bottom of the screen.

Hello. Can you tell us what is the maximum video duration we can use as background?

Hi. The project is modular and therefore if you use only the text component on top of your video, you can use a video of 40 sec. If you insert the video in some parts, then the parts from 2 to 6 seconds will be work well.

Hi. I bought this template but I couldn’t open aep file at CS 5.5. I only have CS 5.5 and can’t use upper version. How can I use or open it? Or will you help me? Could u save this template as 5.5 aep file and send to my email( I need hurry

Hi. Responded to email.

Hi I have recently purchased and used this footage preset for a project for the company I worked for – it looks great and makes the visuals we produce look fantastic. However I have a problem with the audio…I really want to use the audio from the track on youtube and am willing to buy the sound files advertised, but on playing them the tracks are not the same…if I download the files will the track in the video be within the downloads?

Hello, thank you for your purchase! Do not quite understand your problem. The music that I used in the preview you can buy here. The first part on this track (Percussion Main – 0:44) is the same as my preview. If you use other music, you can try to adjust the timing using the modular structure of the project. link don’t work. Have can I fing percussion jingle you used in video.

Thank you for your request. The author of music experiences temporary difficulties with this track on AudioJungle. If the problem is not solved in the near future, an update will be released. For now, in order to purchase music you can contact the author using his page or using email

But if music not inclued and if we can’t buy this audio then why you are still selling this video. Because this video rythm is compare with this audio. If I find different I need revise all effect for new audio.

Music is still on sale. By envano rules, it does not have to be a track with AudioJungle. This can be any track from any third-party site with a corresponding license. In this case, you can purchase the track from the author directly on the same terms. (In general, this is a temporary problem, which is solved together with Envato. An update will be released soon. I also added this information to the project description)

The audio tracks do not match the template, and there is no instruction of where the audio should be cut in order to do so. Which exact file of the four you gave a link to and at what exact point should the track be cut in order to match the template?

Hello, Thanks for your feedback! Indeed, the author of the audio track inserted a small intro in the beginning. The preview uses the first version of the track – “Percussion Main – 0:44”. You should cut the first 148 frames from the audio track (if you use 50 fps). Otherwise, cut off at 0:00:03:00 (the first 3 seconds). Then set the cut audio track to the first frame.

great job! However, I can’t scale the compositions probably to 1920×1080p… any ideas?

Hello, Thank you! Try to create a Null and attach main composition to it with parent tool. Then you can try to scale the Null.

great, really nice work. but ihave one probleme, in version CS6, modul2, placeholder7, i insert a photo. but when i make a pre-render of modul2, i see the color background. what do t wrong. in the comp placeholder 7 is the photo. please tell me urgent. THX

also, the same problem in modul3, on placeholder9. in the comp placeholder9 i see the photo, but there is noch changes in modul 3, i see the color background.

sorry, i found the answer. the switches for comp placeholder X, are on OFF

Steep work. I hope that others like it, too, you are good fellows

How do I edit new to this

Music track from preview are not included in project. Link to it is in the description of the project.The project is made under her rhythm.

found it thanks – any advice can give me or link to a video to help me add my pics and add text or can you send a video with much slower speed and possible sound

As I said, the project contains a detailed video tutorial that will help you figure out how to add pictures and text. If the speed of the video tutorial is too fast for you, try watching it, stopping at each step.

Buddy this is AWESOME !!!!!

Hi! Can I use video backgrounds instead of photos?

OK, thanks! Will think about it.

Hi! So, I purchased your beautiful template and would like to show you the result: Keep doing!

Nice! Well done! I am very pleased!)

Nice Work!

This template has received more compliments than anything I have done recently. I want more of your stuff.

Thanks for your support! This motivates me to work further.


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