Fast Light Bokeh Transitions

Fast Light Bokeh Transitions

11 transitions FullHD size 1920×1080 QuickTime Mov.Jpeg. Pal 25 Frame/sec

Easy to use in any Compositing program.
Import file, place it over your footage and use it with additive blending modes(screen/add/multiply/overlay) video preview mode “screen”

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01.Woman’s Legs 4
02.Sexy Afro American Girl In Shorts On Roller Skates
03.Girl With Afro Haircut Dancing On Roller Skates
04.Retro Stylized Sexy Girl On Roller Skates
05.Low Angle Shot Of Roller Skating Girl
06.Girl In Skimpy Shorts Jumping On Roller Skates
07.Smiling Girl With Afro Resting On Promenade
08.Sexy Skate Girl Sittin On Wall At Beach Promenade
09.Railroad Wires
10.Woman Running On Wooden Pier At Sunset
11.West Coast

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