Fast Graphic Promo

Fast Graphic Promo

Fast Graphic Promo - 1

Fast Graphic Promo

  • Video\Photo placeholders
  • Regular and veritcal version
  • Under 15s — fits Insta Stroies
  • Adobe CS6 or higher
  • Essential Graphics Controls available on CC2017 and higher
  • Color rigged
  • 4k(3840×2160\2160×3840) resolution
  • Works in any language of AE(universalized expressions)

Watch 4k preview

Watch quick tutorial

Free Font used: Montserrat

Music is not included: Trap Opener 4 by KipaLoops

Photos used in preview


If you have any questions or need support regarding any of my products feel free to email me via form on my profile page, directly at or DM me on Instagram.


Technical FAQ:
Q: Regular and vertical version are inside one project or in two separate files?
A: It’s two separate files.

Q: Is color controls work globally or for each comp?
A: For each comp. Small elements are grouped and linked to one control(i.e. all filled letters are one control, all stroke letters are the other and filled text is the third)

Q: How long does it take to render?
A: Took me 2 minutes to render 4k version in h264 on i7-8700 using aftercodec.

Q: How is the project structured?
A: Inside the final comp there are 9 main comps for each segment, these comps have keyframes on scale to achieve zoom in\zoom out move. Inside each comp are color control null, all text layers, tint layer with alpha(multiple animated shapes on one shape layer), three placeholders for media, precomp for side text(three text lines on top and three on bottom) and optional BG Texture placeholder comp which contains plain color solid that linked to BG color control. In one comp(4th – with orange BG) I also reuse BG layers from third and fifth one’s for smoother transition.

Q: You have images in black\white, but I don’t want that, is there setting to turn that off? 
A: All color correction is up to you — by default there are no effects applied to images. For the preview video, I applied a black and white effect to all images inside placeholder comps.