Fashionista Broadcast Package

Fashionista Broadcast Package

This package includes everything you need to promote your show (lower thirds, coming next, two intros (long and short), transition, info box and end credits). The fresh look is combined with high energy and fast moving camera movements. Also perfect for music shows or other events.

Colorful shapes animated in and out to give your brand, video or project a unique, trendy and modern look.

Add your logo to the lower thirds and other elements or just leave empty if not needed.

The colors are very easy to customise and you can change them to fit perfectly with your brand in only a few clicks. Go all out and keep them colorful or stick to your brand’s colors and keep them in the same range.

Various elements included (with the help file explaining how to duplicate more) in the pack:
  • + Intro and End Credits
  • + 3 lower thirds (entering from the left)
  • + 3 more lower thirds (entering from right)
  • + 3 quick logo reveals
  • + 2 message boards
  • + 2 simplified lower thirds
  • + 3 bugs for corners
Some features:
  • Easy to change colors with handy Color Controller.
  • Full HD resolutions of 1920×1080.
  • Help file with screenshots.
  • Links to free fonts in help file.
  • After Effects versions CS5.5, CS6, CC12 and CC14.

Music track: ‘Deep Progressive Dance’ by BrancoG can be found here.

*Live footage not included. Credit to Alfred Marroquin and Etvonweb.