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hi, i purchased your job and also the music file… i’m trying to open with my AE 4 but: - no fonts found, could you send me them? - the music that i bought is not cutted like your…can you help me?


please contact me through my porfile


Amazing Job Alex. I purchased the song and the project and I’m very happy with them. But in future projects I suggest not to edit the audio file. As you see it causes problems and the cut points causes some beat loses in the 4/4 rythm.

Anyway, good work!

please contact me on my email through my profile page

Is it easy to put more videos’/pictures’ place holders by duplicating the compositions/scenes?


hi mate , yes it is. Its all in seperated scenes so if u dublicate lets say Footage comp No5. and change the name to footage No 10 and dublicate some scene with footage in it and, hold alt + and drag & drop ur footage comp it will create new scene with new footage and u can change a little bit the camera animation and u are done :)

Ok thank you for the fast answer!

I basically want to re-use the #2 place holder 9 times because of the “zoom” and “pop-up” effect :)

Hi, I just purchased this project template, but do not have the font, any chance you could send that to me, please? Thanks, Dean

Im sorry Its not mine, but check the FAQ and google it

I am trying to change the color of the text on one of the comp’s called you website. When I change the color in the website comp, it looks right, but when I go to the main comp, the color has not changed. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks, Dean

please go into the scene where this website comp is and select the layer and right click – layer styles – remove all , and ur changing of color will take effect

hi, please contact me, i need to customize this intro for a fashion show by 20th April iammehdi at hotmail dot com


Hi. is possible to change the model of the plasma tv that include the footage? If yes, how i can manage it? Any news about the audio file completely ready? i bought it times ago but i’m not able to cut and prepare it.. adskipper(at)gmailDOTcom

please check ur email

Hi, will your project render in the trial version of After Effects, which doesn’t include CC plugins?

The complete list of plugins not included in the trial version is below:

Imagineer Systems mocha and mocha shape, Foundry Keylight, CycoreFX (CC), Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse LE, fnord ProEXR, and Digieffects FreeForm.

Hi, Is there any easy way to convert the entire project to 1920X1080 resolution?

Thanks, Dean Anderson

Hi, Is there any easy way to convert the entire project to 1920X1080 resolution?

Thanks, Dean Anderson

The hit-it-hard audio file is not available anymore in audiojungle.

Hi….i just want to know before, if ill be able to add more image place holders or not

Hey! Love this promo, downloaded it with no problems, but can’t find the original audio track anymore (The link is dead) Do you know if the original track is still available? Thanks!

im sorry to hear this, unfortunately no :( , maybe you can contact the author of msuic ?

I am looking for the music track, please let me know if anyone can provide that. Thank you.

What the name of the author of the music ?

I really love this project and wants to buy it but i check the audio and it were no where to be found. Can you provide me a link to the audio or ways to get it before purchasing the project? Please

the audio is removed by author from audiojungle,

I’m Looking for your project, but where is the music you have name author

unfortunatly its no longer available on audiojungle

Excellent Work Friend !

Beautiful work!