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For some reason this keeps crashing on my mac. Original msg says something about it being a windows version, it opens up but when I go to make a simple text change, it freezes, then crashes. Any help?

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wats the name of the font sir? font not included :(

the font is called Eurostile

I have CS5 and I just purchased this. I really Like it but it seems to crash every time I try to play or modify anything using the pre-rendered.aep or the VH_FashionPromo2.aep. Do you have any suggestions or if at possible is there an updated version?

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Are the flares pre-rendered? Are they customizable?

Are the flares pre-rendered? Are they customizable?

the project contains both version with the plugin and prerendered. YES you can customize this project if you own the Optical Flares plugin. There is also second project with pre-rendered version where u can’t do much changes maybe just color change.

Sent a message thru your profile. Can you send me the updated project please.

Hey Guys if some1 who purchase the file has any problem with it please contact me throgh my profile to solve it

My CS5 is crashing every time, when i want render! What is the problem??

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This project keeps freezing when I try to render in CS5 . I’ve emailed you through your profile so I’m hoping to hear back soon.

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is the sound file included?

it says in the description where it can be purchased

Alex you are a true Genius everything you do is awesome clients love it, can’t wait to buy more man.

Great video and thanks for the kind words :)

Please help!!! watch your email!!!!

Bad supports! :((

Oh never mind. You are good :”>. Thanks for the template. You saved my time :)

Can you guide me how to match the audio file same as preview version? I have problem with that.

I like it, but i just need more image place holders, can you help me with that???

yes you can add more pelase contact me trhough my profile page