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Personally, I love this asset & author. It's not the only AE project I've licensed from _miko_. I always rank Envato’s author's AE assets based on 4 things:

1. Ease of understanding: is the entire project & each sub-composition clear in its organization and labeling so I can customize it.
2. Render speed: is the render speed appropriate to the complexity of the project?
3. Uniqueness: is the design original, useful across diverse subject matter, creatively complex but restrained enough to feel simple, and artistic?
4. Flexibility: is the project provided in formats appropriate to cross-platform use, or can it be easily adapted as such?

I'm fairly new to AE so creating assets like this would take too long to do for myself. Therefore, I rely on Envato designers to organize their projects well so I can dig around and figure out what controls what. I found this asset very intuitive and flexible.

Nothing makes me crazier than working with an asset that seems to be pre-rendering DURING my edits. It makes the design/editing process SO SLOW. I prefer assets like this one that render at the end so I can customize/design/edit in real time to see if the changes work, especially when timed to music. This asset didn't make me wait during my editing.

I believe repetition can make for very beautiful design when done right, and unforgivable monotony when done wrong. This asset does not fall into the trap of bad repetition. This design is either unique in every scene or the author tweaks the repetition so artfully that every scene feels fresh.

I am trying to buy more assets that come with 3 formats horizontal 16:9, square 1:1, and vertical 9:16. I do wish this asset came in all 3 formats.

I HIGHLY recommend “Fashion Opener | Dynamic Promo” to anyone who is thinking of licensing it, and I follow _miko_ to see what other great designs come next.

You can see what I did with this AE project here:


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