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Cool design, looks realy great :)

Thank you :-)

Impressive work mate, well done! :)

Thanks a lot

Congratulations, nice item, cool design! Good luck :)

Cool design!! Very nice work!

Thank you :-)

Nice work dude !

Thanks dude

Tremendous project. I got with pleasure.

Thank you very much

Does this include the audio?

No, I have given the link for the audio to buy

Great project! I was wondering if I purchased your design, can I change the purple backgriound to red? Please let me know.


of course yes you can change it to any color, Thanks for buying in advance :-)

Thanks for coming back to me, and you are welcome I will certainly purchase your design!!!

Hi Nice design, Is it possible for me to add more scenes?

its very simple to add more scenes

hi aniloops,

does this come with the images that youve used in your demo? and does ti come with instructions please on how to edit etc as im new to AE :)


Yes it comes with the instructions but not with the images, Images used are only for the preview purpose :-)

Can the colors of geometric figures be able to change?

and what if I use AE CC version?

please any feedback

Sorry for the delayed reply, Yes you can change the colours and use in CC version also.

Hi there, I am getting the error even though i have downloaded the Good Times font: 'The following layer dependencies are missing: Text Layer: Font family "GoodTimes". Fomt style: "Regular" Font i am using: http://www.dafont.com/good-times.font

after you install the font you have to restart your machine

Hi, this is great and I’m really pleased with the results. There is one thing; I’ve had some feedback that the text isn’t always that legible (some of the lines of text I’ve added are quite long). I was going to add a stroke to the text but the effect you have used means that when adding a stoke the text goes very weird. Any advice?

can I change the total duration to 2 minutes on this template?

yup surely you can do that