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Very nice work!

Thank you, my friend! So happy from your words! Best wishes!

Thanks Zlatkosan! You Rock!

It’s very fashion and beautiful design! Great animation! Perfect project! Five starts! I am sure it will be many sells! Good luck my friend and happy sales! ;) Of course bookmark it!

So Nice to Hear it from you, my friend! It really mean alot to me! You rock! Best wishes!

Thank you Novaplus!

Wow, this is incredible! It deserves many sales! Good luck!

Thanks Max! So nice to hear it from you! You rock!

Good job! Many sales to you!

Thanks Anarinofilm! I really appreciate it!

excellent project , really well done :)

Thank you, my friend! You rock!

Great work mate, Good luck with sales :)

Thanks Usmanrafi! Its honor for me to hear such words from you! I appreciate it!

Thank you, my friend! Really appreciate it!

Thank you, Abstract-Labs! Best wishes!

Outstanding work looks very unique and well i can say you got some nice style right here i like this design very very much ! Good luck with this impressive item ! It has a lot of potencial ! :)

Thank you, my friend! So nice to hear it from you! I really appreciate it!

Thanks man! I appreciate it! Best wishes!

This is totally brilliant. Well done. Might have to buy this one for my company website.

So nice to hear it from you! Thank you Delgibbons! Best wishes!

Thank you, my friend!

Thanks alot my friend! You Rock!

This is a great file… love the dynamic and the general mood…. well done :)

Thank you my friend! So nice to hear it from you! Best wishes!

Wow, I very liked! Fantastic work!

My friend, I am so happy to hear it! Thank you!

How do i install the music file? Thanks

Hello, my friend! Here is Link for this music: http://audiojungle.net/item/destruction/398278 If you need. If you need music project (Adobe Soundbooth CS5) i can send you on email. If you steel have any questions. feel free to contact with me! Best regards, FVS video@fvs.lv www.fvs.lv

Hello, Do I need after effects to use your template?

Thank you

Yes, it will be necessary for this customization. (Adobe After Effects CS4 or above)

Hello, I purchased your Fashion Action template. If I wanted to have you add the content needed for my promo, what is the cost for your services. Please contact me at msassone13@gmail.com. Thank you so much!

Hello, my friend!

Just send You some info on Your email! Let me know about Your decision. Thank You!

Best regards, FVS video@fvs.lv www.fvs.lv

Very chic and classy, love the style! :D

Thank You buddy! Really happy to hear it. Wish You all the best.

Hey buddy no problem! :D

Your style is really good. I have a few tracks I think you’ll be able to use, particularly this one: http://audiojungle.net/item/80s-sexy-fun/9986459

Let me know if you do decide to use it. :D Thanks and good luck! :)

Great work, man! i will find solution for this track, Thank You! Give me Your email just in case.