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Great stuff!

Nice colors. Great animation.

great package! Congrats.

Is this compatible with CS5?

Hello!!. No, but i can save/convert to CS5 Version for you =))

Thank you. Will make purchase today!

Thanks to you, i sent to you proper version!


It seems extremely complex to play with the colors in the way you set up the project. Any way to label out the solids and solid comps using fill effects that allow for a simpler way to adjust color pallette? I’ve been fiddling for hours in a test and barely have changed any colors successfully that effect other main comps. It’s been really frustrating.

When i created the project i have no idea about making a color control layer, so i decided to make it more colorful (so that it can fit all of us).Because the project consist of mant layers, sometimes.. yes.. is dificult to customize…btw thank you for your coment and for rating that you put for this project i really appreciate every opinions from customers.. If there is something that i can help you with this project, please let me know =)

I agree with bangcorporate, whats the best way to tweak the colors?

How i said the project consist from many layers, and a simple way to change the colors (if you want of course) is to add adjustmens layer above all layers and comps and put on Hue/Saturation, because 85% layers dont have gradient effect on them,color should be change easily…

Excellent Good luck!

Hey! great stuff! I just purchased this product but AE is having issues because it was saved with an older version, causing it to miss some items…? Also, the video tutorial won’t play for the same reasons. Can you please help? Thanks!

Hey! Thanks for purchasing! All stuff are prerender or made by AE , so no problems would not appear (i checked at CS6 version and it opens without problems). About tutorial, its works too , maybe you dont’t have codecs installed (like K-lite)? or you can try to open with other player ..

Hmm interesting… I’ll try once more.