Discussion on Faces Of Death Titles sequence

Discussion on Faces Of Death Titles sequence

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Thanks i figured it out :) Great job on this btw!

thanks, I’m happy you’ve solved the problem.

Impressive work mate, well done! :)


I want to take out the scary dude in this video and replace him with a picture of SLenderman (I am doing the Slender film).

Is this possible?

@ CurtisPyke, easiest solution is taking the psd file of the scary dude (back up your original project file) and put your “Slenderman” in place of the scary dude in the psd file, save and open in after effects. slender man should show up….or you can save as a new psd as “slender man” , go into after effects and replace the layer of the scary dude by selecting the file in the project panel, while holding the option key, drag and drop into timeline, release option key and voila! it’s replaced. email me direct if you are still having issues with this


cool and scary work! :) loving it

Does this video come with the sound effects ?

Excelent Jobs, where i can find the sounds ??

thanks, send me your email to ( and I’ll provide sfx tracks, I’m currently re-vamping the project files in my account, along with updated new files. apologize for inconvenience.

Hi again, I Send You an e-mail from / But I did not get answer.


awesome! just what I was looking for, only problem is I don’t know squat about AE.

Cool, and don’t worry about not knowing AE, 2 options: or I can customize for you, just inbox me and let me know what you need. :)